After several rescheduling moves by CBS, most recently in January of this year, network chairman Les Moonves today projected a new arrival date for Star Trek: Discovery later this year.

Speaking at one the many investor conferences he attends throughout the year – this time, at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference – Moonves addressed a question about the show’s debut.

‘Star Trek’ is going to [come] sometime later in the year; late summer, early fall, we’re looking at, probably, right now.

The good news about All Access is [that] it’s important to get it right. ‘Star Trek’ is the family jewels; we’re not going to rush it in a lot of post-production – but I’m very confident in what I’ve seen so far.

We’re full into production; I’ve seen a little bit of it, and I’m very excited.

Moonves also made mention of his previously-stated view that Discovery is a “perfect” choice for CBS’s streaming platform, citing well-performing streaming numbers on Netflix, the distribution partner for the new show outside of the United States and Canada.

There are clearly millions and millions of Trekkies out there – ‘Star Trek’ fans – that are waiting [for ‘Discovery].’ We get a lot of mail on it every single day, they’re very anxious about it.

We think it’s the perfect show for All Access. We know for a fact that the other versions of ‘Star Trek,’ and there were seven [sic] other series – some of them were great, some of them were terrible – they all did really well on Netflix.

That gave us great confidence that this was the right show to really it the full-court press on All Access.

We’ll see if the predicted timeline holds as 2017 continues.