While the next big La-La Land Star Trek soundtrack collection is due in just a few weeks – their first Star Trek: Voyager set – we have some more updates to report on future score collections from the music label!

Back in November, soundtrack producer Lukas Kendall revealed that this month’s set is actually just one of two planned Voyager collections, and that a follow-up to 2013’s Deep Space Nine soundtrack set was on the way as well.

Now, La-La Land’s MV Gerhard has revealed their tentative release schedule for both of these sequel sets – thanks to comments posted at the FilmScoreMonthly.com message boards, we can look forward to Deep Space Nine: Volume 2 later this year, with a continuation of the upcoming Voyager discs next year (that will contain tracks for “Endgame,” the series finale).

[Our] plan over the next 18 months for Trek is as follows:

DS9 Volume 2 – 3rd qtr 2017
Voyager Volume 2 – 1st qtr 2018

[Score for ‘Voyager’ finale’] Endgame will be on Vol 2. Had to save something.

In addition, an in-the-works “leftovers” set has been projected for release sometime in 2018, collecting one more round of Next GenerationDeep Space NineVoyager, and Enterprise score into what seems to be La-La Land’s final planned Trek soundtrack set. (Hopefully Enterprise fan-favorite “Azati Prime” might finally be included here!)

Unknown Trek collection featuring:

Disc 1 – TNG – leftovers
Disc 2 – DS9 – leftovers
Disc 3 – Voyager – leftovers
Disc 4 – Enterprise – leftovers

Probably by Summer 2018 we will be saying our final goodbye to Trek. I think roughly after 9 CDs from each series we will have covered just about all the amazing music from this incredible universe.

Lastly, as for looking ahead to Star Trek: Discovery, Gerhard hasn’t counted out that show’s future with the label, but is still working to gain the rights to the series’ score:

Well, I’d be lyin if I said we aren’t trying to get it. Fingers crossed!

As soon as more information becomes available on these future Star Trek score collections, we’ll bring it to you here!

  • Stuart B

    Really hoping that DS9 Vol 2 has the Federation Anthem on it from “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”!

  • Vger64

    This has been a Great run for Star Trek music!! I have purchased all the sets (so far) and they are just wonderful! If any Trek fan has not got these limited editions yet, you are missing out.

  • grandadmiralbinks

    I’m starting to feel overwhelmed :)))

  • Jamie

    There are so many pieces of music I’d love to have from all 4 series.

    -Jazzy Promenade “strut” theme from Badda Bing Badda Bang in Season 7.
    That is an essential track.

    -The fight music from the scene between Alexander and the Klingon in the Season 7 episode “Son’s and Daughters”

    I can likely think of more for DS9.

    – Chakotay running shadow maneouveres in the shuttle in the Season 2 episode “Maneouveres”
    – The revelation scene when Harry climbs to the top of the Chute and looks out into space from season 2 episode “The Chute”
    – The Doctor’s Hippocratic Oath from the end scene of Season 2 episode “The Swarm”
    – Everything from “Future’s End”
    – The sad end scene theme from “Real Life” in Season 3.
    – Everything from the amazing Season 4 episode “Scientific Method”
    – The Doctor’s closing speech music from Season 4 episode “Message in a Bottle”
    – Everything from the touching Season 5 episode “Someone to Watch Over Me”
    – The tender theme from “Lineage” in Season 7
    – Crossing the finish line from “Drive” in Season 7

    I can probably think of more Voyager music.

    Must have:
    -Recap pre-credits fanfare by Jay Chattaway from the amazing Season 4 episode “Cold Station 12”
    – Everything from “Azati Prime”

    I am so grateful to the team at La La Land, but I feel there are so many more of these collections left to enjoy and am saddened to hear each series will only get 2 volumes.

    Maybe in addition to the Bonus Left Overs planned collection set we could get a Jay Chattaway set spanning his work from TNG-ENT and a Dennis McCarthy set from TNG-ENT, to round out our collections.

    I feel the 50th Anniversary set could have had a lot more TNG,DS9,VOY and ENT tracks considering TOS has had the entire music catalogue released for that show and the set didnt fully represent the massive range of great music from the 9 films and modern 4 series. I dont mean that to sound ungrateful, it’s just my feedback as a huge fan of all the other collections.

  • Fctiger

    This is really says something about the longevity of Star Trek to me. They are still releasing music to shows thats been off the air for over a decade now. You think you can find a new soundtrack release from Heroes or CSI anywhere?

  • Muldfeld

    I hope the DS9 set includes the music that ends “Favor the Bold”.