Breaking news from CBS today – the next wave of Star Trek: Discovery cast members have been made public!

Image via CBS.

Just announced Monday afternoon, new arrivals Terry SerpicoMaulik Pancholy, and Sam Vartholomeos join the expanding cast of the upcoming Star Trek series, with already known actors Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, and others announced over the last few months.

  • Terry Serpico comes aboard as Starfleet Admiral Anderson, “a high-ranking official” in the fleet. Appearing previously in Rescue MeArmy Wives, Law & Order: SVU, and a host of other shows over a lengthy television career, 53-year-old Serpico’s role will be the first Admiral to join the regular cast of a Trek series.
  • Newcomer Sam Vartholomeos arrives as a newcomer to the screen, with minor roles in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and FOX’s “The Following.” The young actor will take on the role of a “Ensign Connor, a Junior Officer in Starfleet Academy assigned to the Starship Shenzhou.
  • Maulik Pancholy may be the most visually familiar actor of this new grouping, playing “Dr. Nambue, Chief Medical Officer of the Starship Shenzhou.” A familiar face from Weeds and 30 Rock, the 43-year-old was first spotted in one of co-star Chris Obi’s exuberant Twitter videos last month, though his true reason for appearing in that video wasn’t officially known until today.

So there you have it – the Shenzhou crew continues to expand with this new grouping, along with the higher levels of Starfleet as well.

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