Our friends over at La-La Land Records are just going nuts with their Star Trek soundtrack projects these days!

While fans are getting their new Star Trek: Voyager collection delivered in the coming days, La-La Land tonight announced yet another March Trek music release – revisiting the 2012 recordings of the expanded Star Trek: The Motion Picture score in a lovely vinyl release!

Due in just two weeks, La-La Land’s new two-LP collection of Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture score will arrive with colored vinyl records, brand new V’Ger-themed packaging artwork from Daren Dochterman, and a twelve-page booklet of notes and information.

The Motion Picture score release was produced by duo Bruce Botnick and Mike Matessino, like their 2012 CD edition.

Soundtrack insider Neil S. Bulk shared a few more details about the upcoming vinyl set on Twitter:

The new Motion Picture vinyl release will be available for sale at LaLaLandRecords.com on March 14.