Even though CBS hasn’t yet officially announced the widely-reported casting of Sonequa Martin-Green as Star Trek: Discovery’s lead, that hasn’t stopped the Walking Dead star from hanging out with the rest of the Discovery cast in Toronto.

Issacs, Yeoh, Obi, Martin-Green (and husband Kenric), Jones, Frain, and Latif. (Photo: Chris Obi / Instagram)

Celebrating the birthday of co-star James Frain (Sarek) at the Toronto-based BUCA Osteria & Enoteca restaurant, Martin-Green (and her husband Kenric) spent the evening with Frain, Michelle Yeoh (Captain Georgiou), Chris Obi (the Klingon T’Kuvma), Doug Jones (Lt. Saru), Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca), and Shazad Latif (Klingon officer Kol).

This group photo of the Discovery cast was posted on Chris Obi’s personal Instagram feed last night, and is the first sign of Martin-Green’s connection to the rest of the cast, outside of media reports.

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