We told you last week about Mophidius’ upcoming Star Trek Adventures RPG game accessories, including a few sets of character miniatures representing both the Original Series and Next Generation crews, and even a collection of Trek-themed gaming dice.

Revealed today over at Geek & Sundry, game developer Mophidius has debuted a limited-edition Borg Cube box set full of all sorts of Star Trek Adventures gaming tools!

Image via Geek & Sundry.

From Geek & Sundry’s description:

The Borg Cube boxed set contains a “1701-D” Collectible Edition Core Rulebook, featuring a rendered piece of art of the saucer section of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, as well as miniatures, which are part of the Star Trek Adventures game and the Borg Cube boxed set gets your set started with 4 sets of these miniatures.

Included in the box set is the Original Series crew, The Next Generation crew, as well as sets for both the Klingons and the Romulans; these are likely the villains as Star Trek Adventures core rules focus on playing within the Federation, as a Federation race. For all of you minis painters, there is also a foam tray for storing them that will conveniently sit inside your Borg Cube.

Image via Geek & Sundry.

Finally, the Borg Cube Boxed Set contains all of the dice and tokens you need to play games of Star Trek Adventures. There are custom dice for each Starfleet discipline with Command Red, Operations Gold and Sciences Blue. There is a giant GM screen, which is a limited edition for this box set, with the exterior resembling a Borg cube, Starfleet Geomorphic Deck Tiles for creating the map, a pad of character sheets and both Momentum and Threat game tokens.

Collectors and Trekkies alike will also appreciate the poster map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

The new Borg Cube Star Trek Adventures box set is expected for preorder on June 8.