Operation Enterprise, the Star Trek-themed roller coaster which has spent the past several months in development at Movie Park Germany, has finally opened for park visitors and Trek adventurers!

Already several German park attendees have filmed on-site videos of their experience in the Federation Plaza, where the whole attraction just screams Star Trek at every turn.

While some of the commentary is in German, the sights speak for themselves:

If you make it to Germany anytime soon, this new Trek attraction certainly looks like a fun adventure – and a chance to visit the 24th Century for an afternoon!

  • Simon

    Immediately condemned by the Abrams haters as “too fun to be STAR TREK”

  • StuUK

    Well I’d be too chicken shit to go on the actual roller-coaster itself; all that twisty upside down stuff just isn’t for me, BUT… The Trek village around it however looks really cool!
    Those responsible for this attraction have clearly put the effort in. Lots of nice little details and graphics peppered all over the site; even the staff entrances are using familiar pallets of colours and graphics.

    I’d love to visit, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon. 🙁

  • AdmNaismith

    Sort of a pared down Las Vegas Experience- Some props to look at while you wait in line; sudden danger, transporting to the Enterprise D, moving through the bridge (not to be underestimated), and then on to the ride itself.
    The little Starfleet village looks cool, too.

    The Las Vegas Experience was a more immersive, but I like the bit of world-building going on here.

  • Michael

    It does not look like the usual German quality. Pass.

  • mr joyce

    funnily enough, i went on this thing last week whilst on holiday in a town near dusseldorf. we went to moviepark on their national holiday thursday last week, the rollercoaster itself is pretty good, scary and quite fast, but the bit that stood out to my inner trekkie was that the merchandise was all pretty legit and looked really good. all in all, it was a bit of a mish-mash of all trek all in all, and was a fun experience