Up in Toronto, production on Star Trek: Discovery continues – and actor Jason Isaacs (Capt. Gabriel Lorca) shared a less-than-exciting part of working on a science fiction series: getting a lifecast made in the Discovery makeup department.

Trying to make a good impression.

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A lifecast is a mold used to create accurate sculptures of an actor’s body to allow for preparation and design of prosthetic makeup appliances (think Vulcan ears and Klingon head ridges, or more human things like injuries: swollen bruises, lacerations, etc.) so that once applied to the actors, the prepared appliances both fit well and can be used to create a seamless look on camera.

You can see how lifecast-based molds were used to create Ferengi appliance from Trek artist Gil Mosko in this interview filmed in the mid-1990s:

Since we know Isaac’s Captain Lorca is human – or at least, he looks that way in this week’s new set photo – this lifecast may not be for a regularly-used prosthetic, but our look at his character is limited (so that’s speculation at best).

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On another note, Discovery actor Doug Jones shared a video with fans detailing a need to cancel a convention appearance this weekend, due to an injury on the Star Trek: Discovery set:

While his character Lt. Saru may be an alien of action in the 23rd Century, Jones is stuck here in the 21st Century with the rest of us. Heal up soon, Doug!

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  • Cabo 5150

    Future “battle damage” Lorca perhaps!

    • I was thinking the same thing

    • Locutus

      It would be nice if Star Trek showed some battle scars and disabilities. It seems to lessen the gravity of battle scenes if everyone shows up perfectly healthy and clean as a whistle the next episode.

      I liked that about Nog losing his leg on DS9. They showed some of the psychological aftermath, but even then the biosenthetic leg made it seem a non-issue soon thereafter.

      • Brian Thorn

        General Martok refused a prosthetic eye and wore an eye-patch.

        • Bill Smith

          Because he was a fool

        • Locutus

          Yeah, I do recall that. It seemed much more of a prideful Klingon warrior message than having to cope with disability message. It did say something about the ravages of war though.

          • Brian Johnson

            Nope, there was no patch. Maybe you’re thinking about General Chang?

          • Lee O.

            Well, his skin was kind of an eyepatch admittedly. It covered his… eye.

          • Locutus

            That’s true. He did not wear an eye patch, but he did refuse a prosthetic eye.

      • Lee O.

        Actually a funny episode, since it focused on none of the regulars… even though Nog felt like a regular (in addition to many other recurring characters).

        • Locutus

          That’s one thing that made DS9 stand out so much. The show was so deep in characters that it didn’t even need to focus on the main crew. Say what you will about DS9, but none of the other series could pull off focusing an episode on characters other than the main cast as well as DS9.

  • Tuskin38

    IIRC, he posted this video a month or more ago but had to delete it. I guess because is character hadn’t actually be ‘revealed’ yet.

  • Oh, my! That looks seriously claustrophobia-inducing! I’m amazed at all that actors go through in order to entertain us.


    “Star Trek: Discovery” starring Jason Isaacs as Fantômas.

    • GIBBS v2

      I had to google that, Lol when I saw it.


        Really? You’ve never seen Fantômas movies? How old are you?

        • GIBBS v2

          42 and not French.

          • CAPTAIN D-MAN

            27 and not French too. I’m Russian, so I grew up watching classic French comedies on TV. I assumed such legend as Fantômas is known all over the world.

          • Lee O.

            29 and not French, either. Actually German. My dad used to watch those when I was a kid.

  • Fiery Little One

    Isaacs getting that lifecast done… So many possibilities. That said based off of his recent past TV appearances, I still think Lorca will be a season one only character.

    Jones needing to cancel a con appearance, these things happen.

  • Bill Smith

    “Captain” Lorca is working for section 31. Calling it now

  • GIBBS v2

    The classic I’m going under cover as a klingon routine, I’ll be down in the medical bay if you need me.

  • SpaceCadet

    Maybe his DNA will be rewritten into another alien like with Geordi in “Identity Crisis”.

  • Dan King

    What’s wrong with Doug Jones? Why is he so pale? Just askin

    • Lee O.

      Probably in semi-make-up.

  • Lee O.

    Maybe he is an android or a shapeshifter from the future, send to change the timeline. xD