SCOOP: Shazad Latif on DISCOVERY’s P.O.W. Survivor, Lt. Ash Tyler


After yesterday’s big San Diego Comic-Con panel for Star Trek: Discovery, we hopped backstage with the cast and crew for time in the press room to find out more about these characters and their role in the Trek universe!

Shazad Latif, originally cast back in December into one of the show’s Klingon roles, later moved to the role of a Starfleet lieutenant this spring in a bit of a surprising switch.

TrekCore contributor Sam Darragh of the Trekkie Girls was our roving reporter at yesterday’s press junket, and she caught up with Latif to chat about his character, Lt. Ash Tyler, and the change in position within the Discovery cast.

TREKCORE: Thank you very much for talking to us. Just interested to learn about your character, Lietenant Tyler.

LATIF: So I play Lieutenant Tyler, he’s a Starfleet officer. We meet him as a P.O.W. in a prison cell.


LATIF: Prisoner of war.

TREKCORE: Okay, yeah.

LATIF: He’s gone through some horrible things and we follow him as he as he tries to find the sort of man that he is as he comes back to the ship and that’s about as much as I can say!

TREKCORE: That’s quite a lot, actually – quite a lot! You were originally cast as one of the Klingons.

LATIF: Yeah, so I arrived in Toronto where we started to get the scripts in early for rehearsal, and this character of Tyler was open, and the producers said, “Would you like to try out for this?” and I went, “Yes!” It’s a great looking part. So we did that, and it worked out, and it was a good [fit].

TREKCORE: And what’s your position on board?

LATIF: I’m a security officer.

TREKCORE: Security officer, oh well we look forward to learning more about you, and thank you so much for talking to us!

This brand-new information about Latif’s character plays into the war with the Klingons expected in the new series, which Discovery’s Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) blames on Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), as seen in the newest trailer for the series.

We haven’t seen Lieutenant Tyler on-screen just yet, but that’s sure to change as we approach the September 24 launch date of Star Trek: Discovery.

  • Dan King

    “Security officer”

    Yea right.

    • Tim Lade

      31 Operative me thinks.

      • You certainly could be right, but what are you basing this on? They’ll have security officers onboard, he could be playing one with an interesting backstory.

        Have there been hints that Section 31 is a presence in Discovery?

        • Tim Lade

          You could be absolutely correct Mawazi! I just wonder, given the often cold war nature of the Klingon/Federation conflict, there is always a tonne of tradecraft going down.

          • Quintillion Tesla

            If speculation about Lorca ends up being true ( that he may be a Section 31 operative ), it’ll certainly be interesting if he has any allies onboard ( perhaps in the form of Tyler ), or if he is working alone and under the radar of his compatriots.

          • TUP

            Sure, sounds good to me. Isnt Discovery a science vessel? Co-opted for a war with Klingons mission? Seems weird unless the science part is a cover story.

          • Roderick T. long

            Section 31 may be involved, but I don’t think Ash Tyler is working for them. I’m betting Tyler’s secret is even more interesting — the kind of secret that will make your brow furrow. Or unfurrow.

        • Dan King

          Longtime fans who have seen everything on section 31 and have read all the novels that have section 31 in them can easily sense the undertones of section 31 all over this show.

      • Dan King


    • DC Forever

      That is a strange comment? Please elaborte on why he shouldn’t be playing a security officer?

  • James

    Any relationship with José Tyler on TOS?

    • ericphillips

      I thought this as well. Probably an Easter Egg!

  • KA

    I recommend prayer – klingons don’t take prisoners.
    Or so I heard once

    • TUP

      Which we know is untrue since they maintain a prison planet.

      • Tim Thomason

        Dilithium isn’t going to mine itself.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Security officer? I suddenly miss Worf.

  • Fiery Little One

    Huh, okay just a case of ‘would you like this role instead.’ Alright.

  • ericphillips

    Yes, I can hear you, Clem Fandango.

    Wow, Clem Fandango from The Toast of London in on the new Trek series!

  • Roderick T. long

    “later moved to the role of a Starfleet lieutenant this spring in a bit of a surprising switch”

    Maybe not so surprising.