Last month, our team joined a number of other Star Trek fans at the “Ultimate Insiders Weekend” of the newly-expanded Star Trek Original Series Set Tour exhibit in upstate New York, for two days of group tours and inside details from some of the most knowledgeable people in the Trek galaxy: Mike and Denise Okuda, and Doug Drexler!

Doug Drexler and Denise Okuda in the Set Tour’s transporter room.

We’ll have a catch-up interview with the trio here at TrekCore in the next few weeks, but today we’re rolling out our extensive image galleries of the Set Tour exhibit, with dozens of photos from all around the recreated Constitution-class Enterprise!

From the bridge to Captain Kirk’s quarters, the lovingly-built Enterprise set replica truly makes you feel like you’ve been transported into the 23rd Century – and having rewatched some episodes of the Original Series since our visit, it really gives you an interesting perspective on the space those actors had to work with.

If you ever make your way up to Ticonderoga, New York — their annual Trekconderoga event is coming up in August — be sure and beam aboard!

  • My health rarely allows me to travel, but I’d LOVE to go see the set in Ticonderoga. Maybe someday!

  • Pedro Ferreira

    The amount of effort that’s gone into this looks amazing. Well done guys!

  • Dan King

    You can really see how well Discovery respect canon when walking those halls, huh? 🤓

    • scooternva

      Oh, stop it.

    • Northstar Deplorable

      Yep — sure gives one a sense of the new series being a “prequel” to TOS. Not.

      • Karl

        One does not simply make a prequel and then change everything that makes it a prequel.

  • pittrek

    This is the set previously used for Star Trek Phase II, right?

    • Darkthunder

      James Cawley’s “Star Trek New Voyages”

      One fan production gets sued… another gets turned into museum.

      • pittrek

        Well to be fair … Axanar was way too good looking, it honestly did look like an unauthorised pro-made movie. The fact that promoted it as an “independent Star Trek production” didn’t help their cause, just like the fact that they made money of it.

        • Darkthunder

          And Star Trek Continues doesn’t look EXACTLY like The Original Series? And yet, STC is allowed to live out it’s day (until completion), without any comments from CBS.

          • pittrek

            Huh? Star Trek Continues has ended, they will only release the episodes which are in different stages of production, they won’t do any new episodes.

          • Darkthunder

            STC isn’t ended until the last episode has been released. Compare that to Axanar which was forced to “cease and desist” immediately after being sued. Or compare that to other fan productions who either shut down voluntarily, or were “advised” to shut down by CBS.

            There’s also the fact that STC violates most of the newly established “guidelines” without any indication of penalties: No ongoing series, no previous Trek veterans, no episodes longer than 15 minutes etc.

            That being said, I’m not defending what Axanar did or didn’t do, or what other fan productions have been allowed or not allowed to do. But the rules/guidelines should be applied equally, and they aren’t.

          • pittrek


            I would also prefer if there were no “guidelines” and I’d love to see the originally planned version of Axanar, but you just have to admit that Axanar was much different than other fan films. They promoted the movie as an “independent Star Trek production” and NOT a fan film, which is a huge F you to CBS, and they were making money of it. And I honestly doubt that fan fiction is protected under fair use, which means that only CBS can make money off Star Trek

          • Tuskin38

            The rules said any production could finish, STC’s last episodes were in various stages of Production when the new rules hit, they had to cut 2 episodes from the season because they were not in production and would have violated the rules.

          • Darkthunder

            Fact remains, those remaining episodes (9, 10, 11) which are all being released after the guidelines were published, violate MULTIPLE stipulations within the guidelines, without any apparent response from CBS. Also think Episodes 7 and 8 were released post-guidelines.

            My point being (as stated before), is that these guidelines/rules aren’t being applied equally to all fan productions. STC is just as “professional looking” as Axanar’s Prelude was, contains multiple professionals both in front of, and behind the camera, ongoing storyline etc.

          • Tuskin38

            Read my post again, they’re allowed to be released because they were already in production before, they’re exempted from the guidelines, but once those are out, they can’t make any more.

    • scooternva

      “Star Trek: New Voyages” was also known as “Star Trek: Phase II” for at least one or two episodes. It’s all the same semi-professional production company, and yes, the Ticonderoga sets are the sets used for those films.

  • Eric

    I was on that tour. Totally amazing. You really felt you were on the Enterprise. You can see the love and attention to get all the details rights (and even better). Mike, Denise and Doug (and the other guides as well) were so nice people.

    One funny thing. At the end of the day, they turned on the main view screen on the bridge. Someone seemed to be doing the final setup, and we saw that it was on a Windows 10 computer. So there you have it folks, the Enterprise runs on Windows 10! Go buy Microsoft stock, they’ll still be in business in the 22nd century 😉

    • pittrek

      23rd 🙂

      • Eric

        Corrected – even better 😉

  • M33

    Hot damn we want to go!!
    But to get to Ticondergo NY from Hawaii ain’t cheap!

    • M33

      Question, TrekCore:
      Are all the props in the lobby genuine or reproductions?

      Also, does the layout of the set match how it was originally laid out at the Hollywood lot? Or are these different peices not connected to each other?

      • M33

        Do you have more pictures of the front of the bridge, the viewscreen area?

      • Eric

        Most of the props (almost all) are reproductions. The mirror universe Kirk uniform was reconstructed using parts left over from the design of the original uniform that Bill Thiess gave to James Cawley.

        In Kirk’s quarters, the golden box is the actual box that was used on the show (I actually got a chance to hold it!).

        The layout is very close to the same. One of the pictures shows a reproduction of the original blueprints that were used to recreate the sets. Things a spaced a little differently but the layout is the same.

  • Aaron

    How long will this be offered? I see tickets only on sale through October. Will it be available after that?

    • It’s a seasonal exhibit, generally open early spring through late fall each year.

  • GIBBS v2

    Next years expansion, the TNG sets! Whoo hoo!