They’re here: the first available Star Trek: Discovery insignia badges, featuring the new split-delta design from the upcoming series!

Revealed by QMx at San Diego Comic-Con today, the company is rolling out a set of four magnetic Starfleet badges — representing the four divisions of the crew: command in gold, operations in copper, and both sciences and medical in silver — at a starting cost of only $14.95 each.

While QMx is “not planning on including the [rank] pips” in the current versions, the company said on Twitter that that may come in a later release.

Expected to be available soon at QMx’s online store, the metal badges will come with magnetic backers to let fans wear them without the need for pins or other fasteners.

Also available is a smaller, split-delta command insignia, already up for sale at the convention today – so if you’ve got a few extra bucks, you can start your Discovery swag collection at QMx’s booth (4145) on the convention floor.

  • In TOS, Nurse Chapel had the red cross, but everyone else in Medical had the usual Science insignia. Chapel’s insignia was different because Roddenberry let her design it herself — a perk of dating the boss. 🙂

  • Snap

    I want.

  • Dan King

    Not canon.

    • Lewis Niven

      As soon as it appears on screen, it will be canon.

      • GIBBS v2


        Boo hoo I hate it before I even try it. Some of the comments around here sheesh, what a bunch whiney babies. Lets the suck the life out of the room and destroy any potential enjoyment for everyone! Boo hoo!


    • Alex G

      Suck it up, Princess. It’s canon.

    • DC Forever

      Yep it is, princess

  • Binyamin Koretz

    I guess diversity ends at the sickbay doors. They couldn’t come up with a universal symbol for medical personnel?

    • RoberTech

      What? There is a medical badge. Wtf are you talking about?

      • Binyamin Koretz

        It’s a Christianity-sourced medical symbol. It’s not used in Moslem countries or in Israel, the Jewish country. You didn’t know? Next time Google something before responding like an ignorant punk.

        • RoberTech

          Anyone knows that the cross symbol is recognized around the world as medical. Everyone knows what the Red Cross is. The producers wanted something instantly recognizable that also had roots in the original series. Quit crying and go watch something else if you don’t like it.

          • Binyamin Koretz

            Lots of narrow-minded Eurocentric white Christian people feel the same way.

        • Charles Davenport

          Why do you have to put someone down to get a point a cross. Just show them the link. This is what I found on the origins of the logo.

        • Der Müde ‘Tude

          The Red Cross, which the symbol is based on, was inspired by the Swiss flag. There is, in fact, no historical consensus on whether the Swiss flag’s cross was directly based on the Christian crucifix or not.

          You didn’t know? Next time, Google something before responding like an insulting prick.

          • Loudestenemy

            It would be really ironic to not have a cross NOT represent Christianity in Europe, especially considering Swiss history.

    • Randy H.

      The symbol is identical to that in the Original Series, and was doubtless selected for continuity. Today it is in use to signify medical services around the world (but not everywhere, of course). By the 23rd Century Star Trek posits that we will have moved on beyond most superstitious/religious ideas, so the concept that it is non-inclusive is not relevant to Starfleet at that time.

  • Damn. It’s going to jack up my insignia display:

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    • Loudestenemy

      Really awesome and creative!

  • Fiery Little One

    I don’t really blame QMx for going with a ‘crewmen’ version as the first release.