They’re here: the first available Star Trek: Discovery insignia badges, featuring the new split-delta design from the upcoming series!

Revealed by QMx at San Diego Comic-Con today, the company is rolling out a set of four magnetic Starfleet badges — representing the four divisions of the crew: command in gold, operations in copper, and both sciences and medical in silver — at a starting cost of only $14.95 each.

While QMx is “not planning on including the [rank] pips” in the current versions, the company said on Twitter that that may come in a later release.

Expected to be available soon at QMx’s online store, the metal badges will come with magnetic backers to let fans wear them without the need for pins or other fasteners.

Also available is a smaller, split-delta command insignia, already up for sale at the convention today – so if you’ve got a few extra bucks, you can start your Discovery swag collection at QMx’s booth (4145) on the convention floor.