For all you aspiring filmmakers out there, some surprising news about Ticonderoga, NY’s Star Trek: The Original Series Set Tour broke this past weekend at the Las Vegas convention, where CBS and Set Tour founder James Cawley announced plans to open the elaborate TOS set recreation to fans for both study and production in the coming year.

Learn the art of Star Trek film making from those who made it!

Ticonderoga, New York, August 6, 2017 – Star Trek: The Original™ Series Set Tour is proud to announce the launch of its Star Trek Film Academy this Fall 2017. Located in historic Ticonderoga, New York, and under license by CBS Consumer Products, the set will come to life once more as fans join founder James Cawley and Star Trek luminaries like Mike and Denise Okuda, Doug Drexler and more in learning how Star Trek was developed.

The ultimate Star Trek film camp for fans, all aspects of filmmaking will be discussed – from gaffing to costuming to special effects. Fans will work side by side with talented Star Trek artists to create short vignettes from beginning to end. The adventure for attendees will start with preproduction meetings, go through rehearsal, lighting, costuming and makeup, all the way through to filming. Fans can participate in front of or behind the camera.

With original scripts, and contributions by series’ artists, propmakers, directors, actors, and more, this is the opportunity to become fully immersed in the Star Trek universe.

If you ever dreamed of being on Star Trek – or working with the Star Trek greats – this is the experience for you! YOUR Star Trek script awaits!

For more information on the Star Trek Film Academy or Star Trek the Original Series™ Set Tour, please visit

This was certainly an unexpected announcement from the licensed Trek exhibit, after the long-brewing Axanar issue resulted in CBS publishing a set of controversial fan film guidelines a year ago, effectively halting long-form fan productions like Star Trek Continues and other ongoing projects.

In the STLV panel this past Saturday, Cawley revealed that not only will Trek alumni like the Okudas and Doug Drexler be involved in the “film camp,” but he’s also hoping to get buy-ins from Trek actors-turned-directors, mentioning that he’s started to reach out to the likes of Jonathan Frakes to possibly participate.

The “Star Trek Original Series Set Tour” bridge recreation.

While TrekCore does not generally cover the world of Trek fan productions, this seems to be quite an interesting use for the New York-based set tour which we toured in June – while there’s not information yet available on pricing or other specifics on this new venture, we’ll certainly keep watch and bring you updates as we have them.