It’s only been a day, and there’s plenty of new Star Trek updates to share! From new Discovery promos to new Trek merchandise hitting the web, we break it all down for you below.

The costume experts at Anovos have announced that they’re bringing the often-maligned Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘skant’ uniform to their line of Trek wardrobe reproductions in 2018, complete with short sleeves and high hemline that made this uniform variant famous.

Set to arrive in all three division colors, the quickly-forgotten TNG uniform will be sold in a women’s cut starting at $250, and can be preordered now at

Discovery makeup artist James MacKinnon (above, with director Jonathan Frakes) will be appearing with actor Doug Jones (Lt. Saru) and fellow DSC prosthetic artist Hugo Villaseñor at the Toronto International Makeup and Tradeshow (IMATS) this Sunday afternoon for a Star Trek: Discovery panel open to all attendees.

MacKinnon serves as the department head of prosthetics and makeup effects for the new series, previously serving on the makeup crews of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Star Trek: First Contact.

The marketing campaign for Star Trek: Discovery continues offline this week, as new billboards and outdoor advertisements are being spotted in the wild. DSC actors Mary Chieffo and Ken Mitchell found this billboard…

…while another building-sized advertisement for the series was signed being painted in the Westwood district of Los Angeles.

Hand painted #startrekdiscovery billboard going up in Westwood

A post shared by Bryan Koch (@brykoch) on

If you’re in a major metropolitan area, watch for Discovery ads near you!

Geek-gear company LootCrate has announced a Star Trek-specific subscription called Star Trek: Mission Crate which will serve up “an exclusive collection of high-quality collectibles (like Mini-Masters by QMx, prop replicas and division-specific apparel) beamed to your door,” delivered in bimonthly shipments.

While individual crates can be purchased separately, a subscription package customized to the Starfleet division of your choice (command, sciences, operations, or medical) is available at $39.99 per bi-monthly shipment, with “4-6 items” valued at “$65+” per crate.

The first shipments are expected to arrive to subscribers in December 2017.

Two new Discovery promos arrived today! The first, from CBS entitled “Tolerance, Freedom, and Justice,” brings a new voiceover from Sonequa Martin-Green on the values of the Federation.

We come from a tradition of tolerance, freedom, and justice. From a legacy of fearless exploration; of allies who respect each other’s differences, honor, and civilizations.

We come on a mission to understand our world, and ourselves, better. We come in peace.

From Netflix — distributing Discovery outside of the USA and Canada — comes an additional promo focusing on the virtues of Starfleet… and the antagonism of the Klingons.

At present this second promo is only available in a region-locked release; we’ll replace the above fan-site rehosting with an official release if one becomes available.

Finally, fans in Canada have at last learned when they’ll be able to stream Star Trek: Discovery in their country.

Bell Media has announced that streaming service CraveTV will be releasing new episodes online in Canada starting Monday, September 25, the day after the Discovery premiere episode airs on CTV and Space in that nation.

Keep checking back for more Star Trek news here at TrekCore!

  • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

    Wow , is that voiceover on the nose…

    I’ll stick with “Space, the final frontier…”


      It’s a promo. You don’t go subtle in promotion.
      I doubt they will use this voice-over for the opening credits of the show.

      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        Subtle is good, don’t dumb it down.

  • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

    Wow, I just heard a theory that makes this show somewhat interesting.

    The theory is Potential Spoilers if it is true Issacs is playing Garth if that is true it would be very cool.

    • Locutus

      “Garth Lorca”? Have we ever heard Garth’s last name? If true, cool indeed!

      • Captain Gabriel Lorca. We know the character’s full name, assuming we’re not being misled.

        • Darkthunder

          Yeah because that’s NEVER happened before… *cough* John Harrison.

          • TUP

            And what a major snafu that was on JJ’s part!

          • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

            To be fair , if it is true , I’ll give producers of this show credit for not turning it into a mess like JarJar Abrams let the whole John Harrison thing go…

            I still think they should have had Cumberbatch as Garth or Gary Mitchell and Naveen Andrews as Khan.

          • TUP

            Originally was supposed to be Del Toro as Khan but I assume once he read the mess of a script he backed out.

          • TIG1701

            Yeah probably. Thank god the JJ verse is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Ben Judy

          “Garth” is “Lorca” spelled backwar — oh. No, huh. Hang on, I’ll make this work somehow… lol

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            Best post of the thread!

    • Your Worst Nightmare

      It’s not true.
      It wouldn’t be very cool.
      It would be another instance of small universe syndrome.
      It’s much cooler if it’s not your guy.

      • TUP

        To be honest, I like the theory too. And while I agree it DOES amount to small universe syndrome, its not really to the extent of all these amazing coincidences. Because the creators can choose to focus on any character they want.

        It would be more an example of that if the series was about Pike and it just so happened that Kirk showed up and Chekov was on a school field trip and yadda yadda. Choosing to focus on a character from a TOS episode is a specific creative decision.

        If it were true. Which is probably isnt. But Id like it. For people like us, Trek fans, they dont need to build in that sort of established continuity. But for more casual fans, its an easy “depth building” exercise that helps world-build for people who might find it somewhat interesting to tie the series to TOS. From that perspective, I can respect CBS’ desire to do it. Its an expensive show and they have to market it whatever way they think will bring in the largest audience.

        But I dont think the theory is true.

        • Your Worst Nightmare

          There’s a lot of reasons why this won’t happen:

          1. They would have to pay royalties to the estates of Lee Erwin and Jerry Sohl. They have not liked paying for royalties for past characters. Otherwise, we would have had T’Pau as the science officer on Enterprise and Nick Lacarno as the helm officer on Voyager. Instead, we got T’Pol and Tom Paris. Obviously, Harry Mudd is an exception to that rule but with Gene Roddenberry creating the story for “Mudd’s Women,” I can only gather that as Rod is(/was) an EP on Discovery, they allowed that.

          2. Its unnecessarily complicated. WHY would Lorca be Garth? Look at all of the backlash from John Harrison being Khan. People. Were. Pissed. If you’re going to have Gabriel Lorca be Garth of Izar, just effing name him Garth of Izar. Or don’t name him at all in the pre-release information! Its a silly theory that if true would require so much backpedaling, its not even funny.

          3. What does it really add? Its like all of the Star Wars Snoke is Plagueis crap. Yeah, IF you believe that Lorca is Garth, it adds an excuse to watch one mediocre episode of TOS. Frankly, if I were a new fan? “Whom Gods Destroy” would make me turn off the TV so fast. Its not that good to begin with. Garth is as whiny as Trump at campaign rally in Arizona in this episode, and both Shatner and Steve Ihnat chew the scenery like anything else. So, no offense, but I call bull on the casual or new fans finding more depth in it.

          4. The whole complicated issue of Axanar and Alec Peters. You have a man who has garnered the support of a vocal minority of the die-hard fanbase utilizing Garth in his story. You have this vocal minority which is SO loyal to him that they would fall on their swords for this swindler at a moment’s notice. IF Lorca is Garth? You would have World War III. “OH MY GOD! Did you see Discovery?!? Lorca is Garth! They sued Axanar so they could steal the story idea of Axanar! I told you all along that was the case!” Alec would eat that up. I, for one, don’t want to read any more of that garbage. And I would stand to believe the legal department at CBS put a swift halt to anything even remotely looking like Axanar.

          For those reasons, and probably many more, I just don’t think its a good idea.

          • TUP

            Would they have to pay royalties for sure? I thought the issue with T’pau was simply a creative one. The character was used in a later episode.

            Regarding Khan, the backlash was due to the lying, poor casting and terrible scripting.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            LOL! Its not like they decided before season one to use T’Pau in season four. From Memory Alpha: ” Due to some legalties, though, reusing the name T’Pau for a regular character was difficult, as the creative staff realized.” Sounds like a royalties issue to me. I’m not 100% certain, but I would imagine the same being true for Garth.

            And I don’t disagree with the lying part on Khan. But it was still an issue. And I imagine there are fans who would be just as pissed if a character who was purportedly to be one character would be another.

          • TUP

            I will certainly defer to you if you know. It just seems odd that CBS wouldn’t own the characters from it’s show and have to pay royalties. I assume thats something relating to how deals were made in the 60’s?

            Im sure they could work something out if they wanted to.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            I don’t think anyone outside of the production would know the exact details regarding the royalties paid out to the writers who created these characters. I sure don’t. Admittedly this is a lot of educated assuming on my part. But I do agree that if it were absolutely important to the plot, they’d find a way. But I don’t understand WHY it is so awesome if it were Garth? Again, “Whom Gods Destroy,” at least to me, is a mediocre story and Garth is a barely known character outside of hardcore fans.

            But with Sarek and Mudd already there, maybe they said that’s enough? I, honestly, would prefer they didn’t appear but if only Sarek and Mudd can do things in this story, more power to em! Besides, we’ve had so many crazy Admirals and Captains throughout Star Trek. What’s one more?

            If that even is where they’re going with Lorca. The character has been described as “troubled.” Troubled does not necessarily mean deranged.

          • Spyros Spyrou

            LOL… Nick Lacarno and Tom Paris are played by the same actor… no matter what, they’d be paying him royalties, regardless.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            LOL… I’m not talking about acting royalties. I’m talking about writing royalties. Someone created Nick Locarno. Not just Robert Duncan McNeil. They receive a royalty check every time the character is used. Whether that be an actual appearance in episodes, comics or novels. Not just when a character appears in an episode or movie. Like McNeil would get.

          • TIG1701

            Good point about John Harrison being Khan thing. That was dumb as shit. Yeah, why hide it? Just so some old TOS fans can go ‘ooooooh’ and everyone else go ‘who’? Just say thats the guy if its the guy.

          • TUP

            The funny thing is, thats almost the exact reaction when I saw it in theatres. I saw STID twice. On opening weekend when it was all Trek fans, there was little reaction because we all knew. When I watched it later, the crowd was split between snickering because of how stupid it was and confusion over what the hell he was talking about.

            The reason to use Khan was to sell the film. When they denied the marketing people that, they should have been removed for gross incompetence. Once everyone began asking and the leaks came out and they still lied, well, they were sunk.

            My idea to fix it was to actually make Harrisson Joachin (spelling) from Khan’s crew, pretending to be Khan (Marcus not knowing the difference). So you get the “who is Harrison” mystery, the “I am Khan reveal” and then the revelation that its not true. And Spock Prime’s reason for being there, rather then to just say “yeah I know him, he’s a bad dude”, would be to reveal this deception to our crew…and provide them the edge to defeat him.

            End the film with a nice lingering view of Ricardo Montalban in a cryotube.

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      • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

        $97 an hour, nice profession yes?

    • Pedro Ferreira
  • Locutus

    Ack, when is the “men’s cut” skant?


    Hailing from Portlandia, where “utility kilts” and Trekkers reign, I think those might actually take off!

    • The Skant was just a bad design, but a kilt based uniform would be neat

      • Pedro Ferreira

        For all the diversity you guys seems to obsess about in Discovery you can’t appreciate a skirt that in TNG men and women could wear? (shakes head in disgust).

        • Riker totally should,have eorn a skant

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Yet you didn’t answer my question because you know I’m right on this.

          • I am cool with the concept, the design is just bad

    • SpaceCadet

      I was thinking the same thing! Would make for a fun Halloween costume.

      • Angelawweitzman

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        • Tom Cruise Never Phones It IN

          You must be very proud

      • Virginiatpontiff


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      • Melindardavis


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  • Daniel Ireland

    A day later in Canada? Pirate Bay it is.

  • I like the new promos. The lootcrate thing is also interesting

    • ¡ zer0 !

      very cool. Very cool.

  • Karl
  • TUP

    I guess that explains the oddly scaled “Burnham-on-saucer- image. It would be difficult to distinguish if they didnt make her larger.

    • Are we sure its off scale?

      • TUP

        Seems awfully small (thin) if it isnt.

        • About 12 feet or so. Could be as much as 14 or 15. It really depends on total suit size

          • mr joyce

            these guys did an interesting analysis on the scale of discovery compared to tos enterprise, check it out;


          • I cant do trekyards any more. Just can not take these guys seriously

          • mr joyce

            they usually put out decent stuff when it comes to the new show. i mainly just watch them when theres big news to be talked about. i dont really like everything they do, they do make a lot of stuff analysing minutiae of the minutiae lol

          • I can’t take em anyone. I found them to be super negative and whinny to be honest. And they go on for like 20 mins with details that should be about 3 to 5 min worth of show at most. I also think they have really undersized the ship here. And they do that because to them it has to be a set size, I agree its likely smaller than the connie( assuming TOS size is the same now) but not that much smaller

  • Fiery Little One

    I’ve never really gotten into the whole loot crate thing, I’m not fond of not knowing what I’m buy before I buy it, but this one seems tempting.

  • SpaceCadet

    I didn’t know billboards could be hand-painted. I thought they were all just basically over-sized posters. Fascinating!

    I’m guessing all of these voice overs by Sonequa in character as Burnham are strictly for promotional purposes and aren’t in the series themselves.

  • spooky

    That pizza cutter is going to blind her…

  • Andros the Omni King

    Still a little upset about the show taking place in a third timeline but the creators keep on assuring us that ”It’s set in this timeline for a reason be patient with us the answers are coming.”

    • Its set in prime. I wish you guys would simply be honest

      • Pedro Ferreira

        If it looked more like the Prime universe there wouldn’t be confusion.

        • And It would fail. It is not gonna look old

          • TUP

            I guess if it looked more like 1966 there would be less confusion about it taking place in 2256. or something. lol

          • Lol yeah. Only in trek xan you hear ” its too advancex looking to be 2256. “

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Old how? Does lens flare central make it look modern? Does fake physics make it look real? No it makes it look ridiculous.

          • The whe TOS looks 50 years old, campy and dated

          • Pedro Ferreira

            So will you in 50 years time. Hopefully people won’t ignore you and say you’re not canon.

          • A look is not canon, that is not how canon works in any other IP. Fans have enshrined a look, and why I understand why that does not magically make a look canon and non-dated

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Presentation and canon go hand in hand. If someone judges you based on your looks in years to come surely you want to be remembered properly? Surely you don’t want to be seen as outdated?

          • No, they do not. This is a trek fan ideology.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            Your ideology seems to be if something is outdated it must be rubbish which says more about you than the show being crap.

          • I am involved in a lot of fandoms, this Ideology is really unique to Trek. Looks change in other settings all the time and like it was handled for the first 30 years of trek, people in setting never notice. Updating a look has zero affect on canon as canon is events not visuals.

            Now I can explain to you way Trek fans have this concept if you like. But much like the 4 Andorian genders, fancanon is not fact. And long held fan ideologies are not fact wither.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            It’s nothing to do with fandom, it’s creative design and continuity. Anyone who knows and respects creative design knows it’s about keeping that stable. If people didn’t then we wouldn’t have the Mirror universe two-parter in Enterprise would we? In fact you could say the same thing about the Augments in that same season.

          • Yes, this is a pure fandom issue. Nothing more

          • Pedro Ferreira

            You’re basically blaming Enterprise keeping continuity with TOS on fandom rather than the fact it was a decision made creatively. You can’t move the goal posts like whenever it suits you just because you want to pretend the Klingon two parter from Enterprise never happened.

          • No, I am explaining to you how the real world works. A look is not canon and if you want to try and pull the “ENT showed x” well, no it did not. The MU of ENT showed this, not anything in prime. And it was an anniversary show made to be a homage for the 40 year mark, just as the DS9 one was.

          • Pedro Ferreira

            The MU in Enterprise was not done to celebrate 40 years of Star Trek. Not sure where you got that info from. It was visual continuity and why not? Why change something if everybody loved it to begin with?

          • Because it is silly and old

          • Pedro Ferreira

            The look of the reboot movies and Discovery is silly and new. So what?

  • TIG1701

    Saw an ad of Discovery on a bus a few days ago. The hype train is building.

  • Gareth Fairclough

    Eh. It just looks like more jjtrek. More overblown, overly dramatic fluff.
    I’ll give it a chance, but I’m getting less and less optimistic with each promo.

  • Pedro Ferreira

    We explore, we discover, we defy. Really? You mean this is Star Trek? Oh I thought this was Desperate Housewives for a second. Glad they cleared that up.

  • Barak Aslani

    I like how angry the lead actress looks. That really makes me want to watch this. As a Star Trek fan, I also like how they’re trashing continuity and changing things but still calling it Star Trek. Really gets my juices flowing as a fan of all the other series. I really think it’s good how gritty everything looks and all the over-saturdated blue and lens flare. Really clever. The lead is a black female actress and they mention “tolerance” in the poster, that was really clever too. They are way ahead of the times with this. They are so clever. This will be an ICONIC show. I especially like how angry everyone looks. It’s just what I want to watch for escapism. Brilliant. So proud of the production team. I want to kiss them all on the lips.

    • Edgar Pinecone

      No one who up-votes their own comment ever said anything worth reading.

  • scooternva

    My personal theory:

    At some point before the end of this season, Jason Issacs’ and Sonequa Martin-Green’s characters will be sitting in the captain’s ready room, having a kiki.

    BURNHAM: So that’s why I was named Michael.

    LORCA: Fascinating.

    BURNHAM: Is there a story around how your were named Gabriel?

    LORCA: Actually, Gabriel is my middle name.


    LORCA: My first name is Garth.

    (smash cut to black–end of episode)