A pair of new Star Trek: Discovery character videos arrived from CBS this week, centering on cast members James Frain and Michelle Yeoh discussing their characters Sarek and Philippa Georgiou, respectively.

We know these videos are region-locked. Sorry, folks: not our choice.

*   *   *

Some new Discovery episode imagery from these videos for you to pour over, including new shots of young Burnham in a Vulcan school quite reminiscent of the Star Trek ’09 portrayal of Vulcan education, and more views of the Klingon/Starfleet battle sequences coming in early episodes.

  • The Science Fiction Oracle

    Man, can hardly wait for Sunday night. This just keeps looking better and better.

    Sounds like Geogiou captains like Picard, and Lorca more like Kirk. This could be an interesting contrast.

    I am sticking with my prediction that Georgiou and Shenzhou are destroyed at the end of Ep 2, but then we see them in flashbacks all year similar to how Lost did background stories.

    • Cold Case Posse Supporter

      I agree!

    • Quintillion Tesla

      “Sounds like Geogiou captains like Picard, and Lorca more like Kirk” – that is a good thought.

      I too agree that Michelle Yeoh bites it in the show, even though I don’t want her to.

  • I’m still carrying a grudge against Sarek for the way he treated Spock in “Journey to Babel,” so I’m glad that Burnham will be taking him to task for his failures as a father. 🙂

  • Pedro Ferreira

    I’ve never been a fan of James Frain’s acting.