Just because it’s Sunday, that doesn’t mean Star Trek: Discovery takes a day off! A brand-new promotional video arrived from CBS this morning, giving us some more new footage from the upcoming series – now just two weeks away!

While the majority of the promo is material we’ve seen in earlier videos, we do get three new shots:

The tiny Shenzhou stands along against a massive Klingon fleet. (CBS)
Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs) on the Discovery bridge, hands raised. (CBS)
Sarek (James Frain) speaks words of wisdom to (presumably) Michael Burnham. (CBS)

You are gifted. You are brave. Find a way to help those who need you.

Sarek appears to be speaking to someone near his height – note the shoulder cropped in the lower corner of this shot – but his eyeline is looking downward. Perhaps this is a holographic recording of the Vulcan, and not a live-feed discussion?

And regarding Captain Lorca up there — who (or what?) has him at the defensive on his own bridge?

We’ll find out beginning September 24. In the meantime, have fun watching the Discovery cast try their best at Trek trivia:

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    Depeche Mode. I like Depeche Mode. Everybody likes Depeche Mode.

    • prometheus59650


    • Nah, only people with good taste. *

      * Yes, I’m trolling. 😉

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Okay, the trivia bit was kinda fun.

    And people, don’t whine that they don’t know all of the answers. They’re new to this. The haven’t been immersed in Trek for years, just a few months.

  • patrick

    While obviously an outstanding actor, in some ways, I’m relieved that he’s portraying a Vulcan on STD (what an unfortunate acronym – lol). Am a fan of GOTHAM and had found his performances on that program to be both irritating and lacking in any level of subtlety. Of course, that’s often the tone of many of the characters on that series, so Frain was likely directed to go over-the-top. At least, on this TREK series, we’ll get to see that remarkable intensity, which he’s capable of delivering; yet it will be leavened by Sarek’s logic and the perpetual struggle to control his emotions. Should be awesome to watch – honestly feel bad for those who’ve already determined that they cannot “enjoy” or appreciate the artistry which is already clearly evident in this latest incarnation of Gene Roddenberry’s creation…

    • The acronym is actully DSC. Trek does not do acronyms in a manner that would make it STD.

      • James Tiberius Crunch

        TNG and TOS are acronyms. VOY & DSC are abbreviations.

        • But not in the style that wpuld make STD. That would be STTOS and STTNG

          • James Tiberius Crunch

            It would have a colon in there. ST: TOS, ST: TNG.
            Shouldn’t it be ST: V and ST: D?

          • If done like that. But that is not how ST does them. They do bot even use STI or STV, but the names.

            They just do not use a method that wpuld ever make it STD.

        • Eric Cheung

          Only TOS could be a possible acronym, as it could be pronounced as “toss.” VOY is an abbreviation, but not an initialism, so I suppose that wouldn’t be an acronym, even though it too could be a pronounceable word.

      • patrick

        Really? STTMP? STTWOK? STID? STTOS?

        • SpaceCadet

          Voyager was not abbreviated to STV. It was VOY. Enterprise was not abbreviated to STE. It was ENT. Similarly Discovery is abbreviated to DSC.

        • Yes, those are what you would have to use for STD to be used. Trek does not do that style, they drop the “Star trek” if its just a ship or station name, heck they drop it for everything really. The Kelvin moves used ST, but nothing else really does.

        • nmclean

          The only correct one in your list is STID.

      • Eric Cheung

        Neither is an acronym. Acronyms are abbreviations that form pronounceable words. That’s what the “nym” part of the word means. These are initialisms. But yes, DSC is the official abbreviation.

        • Pedro Ferreira

          I thought STD was. What does DSC actually stand for anyway? Maybe they should have called it DIS.

        • Fair enough

      • Pedro Ferreira

        They should call it DIS.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      I found James Frain in 24 to be really wooden.

      • patrick

        Lol. I guess this demonstrates that he is capable of great range – depending on how the Director instructs him to perform.

  • I’m so happy they managed to snag Jason Isaacs for the Captain Lorca role. I think it’s a real coup for the show.

    • James Tiberius Crunch

      Except I predict he will die in the pilot.

      • I do not think he will, the other captain might well.

        • James Tiberius Crunch

          I got overwhelmed with spoilers after the Comic-con and Vegas Trek-con and the massive amount of press Discovery is getting.

          I backed out a little – so my guess is based on old info.

          • I think they will keep him. He will shape our LT, I think.

      • GIBBS v2

        I expect both of them to die before the end of the season. Michelle I bet is gone within an episode or two.

    • Quintillion Tesla

      As is landing Michelle Yeoh.

    • Pedro Ferreira

      Except he’s not allowed to keep his British accent, so much for diversity.

  • PJ

    Funny stuff. They’ll have the next 30 years at conventions to have all that info drilled into their heads!

  • Star Trek Discovery can keep up with other franchises! It’s so cinematic! Klingon ships are 10 kilometers long now!

    And so the tacky megalomania trend continues.

    • James

      10 kilometers! What are you basing that on?

      • Give or take a few kilometers. Doesn’t matter so much once you have a fleet of Star Destroyers that dwarfs your Millennium Falcon. What I wanted to say is that huge enemy ships should remain the absolute exception (the Borg, for instance). But they have become a rule. And now the Fuller-Klingons apparently need them too in order to be imposing enough.

  • M33

    Thanks for all the updates and articles, TrekCore!