If you’re a fan of Running Press’ miniature Star Trek electronic toys, which to date have focused on Star Trek: The Original Series, then here’s some good news: the publisher is expanding their collection to The Next Generation in 2018!

Running Press’ light-up TOS communicator, complete with audio effects.

With the help of author Chip Carter, electronic miniatures of the USS Enterprise, the shuttlecraft Galileo, and an Original Series communicator and phaser have arrived over the past two years, featuring recorded audio from classic Trek along with built-in lighting effects.

Now, Running Press is introducing two familiar elements of Star Trek: The Next Generation: the iconic Starfleet tricorder and evil Borg cube!

NOTE: Not final packaging artwork. ‘Tricoder’ typo expected to be corrected before product release.
NOTE: Not final packaging artwork.

When each new miniature arrives in April 2018, they’ll be accompanied by a 48-page book detailing the history of each in the Trek universe, full of full-color photos.

It’s been a long time since we had a TNG tricorder toy that was affordable to the masses, and with both of these available for preorder at just $12.95, you can be prepared for any away mission with one in your pocket.