First announced in late September, high-end uniform replica retailer ANOVOS showed off its early Star Trek: Discovery costume prototypes at New York Comic Con this past week.

While the command and science uniforms on display pretty well represent the Discovery uniforms worn on the series, a representative from the company told us that there is still a bit of tweaking to some of the materials and textures yet to be finalized before locking down the final product.

Unlike some early, unlicensed replicas which have already found their way to market, the ANOVOS uniforms feature raised delta shields in the side panels, manufactured in a way to be a close visual match to those worn by the on-screen Starfleet crew.

While the company is taking preorders for the new Discovery costumes now, no firm release date has been announced since the designs are still in development — though ANOVOS told us they are looking towards a Summer 2018 release.

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In addition, ANOVOS also had their new “Shore Leave” Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform tunic on display; this is a one-piece, short-sleeved replica of the first-season TNG Starfleet uniform with colored piping across the shoulders and an embroidered Starfleet commbadge.

While the Command red version of the uniform shirt is currently available, ANOVOS has the Sciences teal and Operations gold editions available for preorder ahead of an anticipated late-2017 release.

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