Announced on Twitter last night by executive producer Aaron HarbertsStar Trek: Discovery has officially wrapped primary production on its first season.

The series has been filming for more than ten months up in Toronto, and at New York Comic Con last weekend director Akiva Goldsman noted at the Saturday panel that the final episode of the season was still being filmed to conclude the year’s shooting schedule.

While there is still weeks of post-production work left to conclude to get the year’s final episodes completed for the back half of the broadcast schedule — to solidify the needed VFX elements and so forth — Discovery has left five more hours this fall, and then the show returns in January for its final six episodes.

As for a potential second season of Discovery, producer Alex Kurtzman made comments over the weekend that negotiations for a second year are “going very well,” and CBS president Les Moonves made it clear in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek that Star Trek: Discovery is a big asset for the company’s CBS All Access streaming platform, and that “future seasons” are likely:

Looking at the future of CBS, streaming and OTT is a very important part of it. There’s real upside for our company to have All Access be successful.

There’s a lot riding on Star Trek.

Star Trek: Discovery returns this Sunday with episode 105: “Choose Your Pain.”


  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Huzzah! Congrats to the cast and crew. Can’t wait to see the rest of the work from this season.

  • Quintillion Tesla

    Hopefully, they’ll be able to take onboard SOME of the valid criticisms, and make season 2 even stronger than 1 so far.*

    *Perhaps, the overly cumbersome Klingon make-up, etc. etc.

    • Some of us, like the make up.

      • mr joyce

        ..and some of us are neither here nor there about it

        • Which is also fair. To be honest, I do not get the “They can’t emote” thing. I can see them move cheeks and even the eyebrow ridge. And the “Lisp” its the very same as in TMP, You can go find clips and hear it spoken the same way.

          • Quintillion Tesla

            I think it’s fine for short scenes like in TMP, but it seems quite awkward to me for the long, drawn out scenes we’ve seen for DSC. Intrigued to see where their storyline goes though.

          • That is the diff, one was short and this one is long dialogues. But people are claiming it does not sound the same, when in fact it does. Its just you are hearing whole sentences and conversations and not one or two short phrases.

          • Marc Evans

            They really need to get rid of the sub-titles. When you have to focus on reading the words, you’re missing too much visually. Hard for me to really appreciate the scene. Not sure why they went this route of all Klingon dialogue.

          • TUP

            Yeah, totally weird idea to use subtitles. Its a good thing no other TV or Films in history have ever done that.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            You mean to tell me that DSC didn’t invent this new subtitle thing?

          • Eh, its no biggy. You watch a few years of anime or a few subtitled Spanish shows and its no big deal. I think this is a mostly american issue.

          • Marc Evans

            To me it’s an unnecessary distraction that it difficult for me to full appreciate the scene visually which they have put some much effort into. Would it make a negative if they were speaking English? Less authentic?

          • Keith Melton

            Less authentic? Yes. These are an alien race. Making them speak a different language helps that. Its very easy to jump back and watch the scene again after the first time to see anything you visually missed isn’t it?

          • The Science Fiction Oracle


          • Does not matter to me either way, they do seem less alien when speaking English. Its something many shows are moved toward, this is not a DSC only thing, when folks speak a non-English thing, they use subtitles. In a TV show when someone speaks Spanish now days, or Mandarin, they do not switch to English, they subtitle it.

          • Marc Evans

            ” In a TV show when someone speaks Spanish now days, or Mandarin, they do not switch to English, they subtitle it.” This is true and a good point.

          • Really, what folks forget is Netflix paid for this. And really, if you look at it, you are getting a nextflix style show. Its arched the same way, it uses sub titles the same way and so on.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Exactly. And that comes across so much more authentic.

          • I think so, I have been super fascinated by the klingon take.

          • SpaceCadet

            You know you can always watch those scenes more than once, right? Read the subtitles the first time around so you know what’s going on and the next time you watch you don’t have to look at the subtitles and just take in the visuals. Problem solved!

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            “Would it make a negative if they were speaking English? Less authentic?”

            Yes, for me, it would. It’s bothered me for years that all the alien races on Star Trek speak English in native settings.

          • Kirksdeadjim

            Good god.Another american who finds it hard to read subtitles.I pity them for not having watched some of the finest films and tv shows from around the world.

          • Marc Evans

            LOL, no need to be so dramatic and not American. Resist the temptation to assume. 😉

          • Keith Melton

            An assumption was made but stereo typically the main people who bitch about subtitles are usually Americans.

          • Marc Evans

            “bitch about subtitles…” LOL, I wouldn’t characterize my comments above as such, but what the hey…

          • Keith Melton

            bitch, complain, whine. YMMV. What would you call it? (not being snarky, actually curious)

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Thank goodness you are not in charge of writing the subtitles. LOL

          • Snap

            Well, I don’t mind the subtitles. I wasn’t a fan of when TNG or DS9 would do Klingon scenes with them speaking Klingon and you have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. Even though there is structure, they are for all intents and purposes speaking Treknobabble if all you are watching is them gesticulating while speaking “gibberish.”

          • TUP

            I agree. We’ve seen all sorts of emotion from these characters. I think people parrot ideas without thinking about it. So some people are uncomfortable with reading subtitles so they have decided the issue is the make up. Its not.

          • That is how I am seeing it. Last EP on the close up, I read five or six expressions easily. Its thick, but they can emote though it.

          • TUP

            If they had gone with less make up and more human looking, they’d be criticized for being too human. Their intent is to be as alien as possible.

            People just like to complain. Although Im surprised the big Trek sites are falling for it in their reviews (not just this one either).

          • Yeah, its just not true or honest. I simply do not get it, They made them less human, but they can emote, they do not “Slur” words, they are saying them just like they did in TMP. Heck they make up is not as Thick as Doug Jones and he emotes very, very well.

          • Snap

            I think both sides of the fence are equally valid. Just as there are differences in human ethnicity I don’t see why Discovery Klingons and TNG Klingons cannot co-exist within the same empire.

          • No, both sides are not valid. One side is claiming something that is objectively not true. TNG versions could be the augments, as they are not the same race as we see here. They are humans with funny forheads and look like it.

          • Snap

            Well, considering that is how Klingons looked like in Enterprise which precedes Discovery in the timeline, if they are “not the same race” as the Discovery Klingons, then what we see in Discovery are not Klingons at all. So, since we know what Klingons look like before and after Discovery, it makes it more likely that the Discovery Klingons are the “augments” considering they are never seen again.

            But I find this type of argument strange coming from you, since you have fought tooth and nail to say all you need to do is slap some hair on them and they look exactly like a Klingon we’re familiar with.

          • Nope. Say it with me now

            They changed the look.

            This has happened three times before, its not a big deal at all. Its not a canon violation to change the look, trek has done this to over a dozen races, and all the major ones have got some changes. Vulcans, Klingons, trill, Bajorins, romulans, all changed. This is just another make up change. We do not need an explanation because of a stupid joke.

            They can make the arguments look however they want, they can retcon them out as they were a retcon anyhow! They already where a major stupid change to canon. That ENT retcon ripped canon up and used it to wipe. All over a joke trek fans could not accept as a joke.

            Also, I never said they look “Just the same” I stated with Hair they look pretty damned close to what we have seen before. Because someone falsely claimed they look nothing like a Klingon and that is just a lie. They look pretty close to what we have known, just bald and less like humans.

          • Snap

            There is no need to be condescending, but it’s hard to tale what you say at face value when it flip flops depending on whatever argument you’re trying to put down.

            “Also, I never said they look “Just the same” I stated with Hair they
            look pretty damned close to what we have seen before. Because someone falsely claimed they look nothing like a Klingon and that is just a lie.”

            And you JUST claimed that they are “not the same race” (your exact phrase being “TNG versions could be the augments, as they are not the same race as we see here. and look just like humans with funny foreheads.”) You’re contradicting yourself at every turn. They’re either Klingons or they’re not and just because you do not like it, does not mean that the Klingons which appeared in TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise are not Klingons. As the Discovery Klingons are the exception, they are the most likely candidates for being “augments” considering they are never seen in the “future” incarnations.

            The worst part is it is almost impossible to have a reasonable discussion about it, because you will throw out non-answers like “it’s not the 60s anymore” or “just mad because it doesn’t look old” or the whole “they’ve changed the look before” (not exact quotes) and then you blow up if any sort of compromise on differences in aesthetics is made.

            I don’t know why you feel so threatened that there are people who do not like the Discovery Klingons that you feel the need to blast anyone who voices their opinion just as you voice yours. The Discovery Klingons ARE Klingons just like the TNG Klingons ARE Klingons and those of us who prefer the TNG Klingons have just as much right to prefer those Klingons as you do the Discovery Klingons. Neither preference is wrong and I couldn’t care less whether you approve, I am not going to just say the Discovery Klingons are better just because that’s what you want.

            I am more than willing to have reasonable discussions with you, but you don’t seem to be willing to treat people or their opinions with respect unless they fall in line with yours. If I don’t like something, I’m not going to suddenly like it just because you or anyone else has a problem with it. Would you change all your views just because I didn’t agree with them? I think not.

            “That ENT retcon ripped canon up and used it to wipe. All over a joke trek fans could not accept as a joke.”

            I thought it was stupid as well, but it HAPPENED and just because you and others didn’t like it doesn’t mean it didn’t. Hell, it’s hypocritical if you are going to say certain aesthetics in Discovery are a progression of the look of Enterprise and then refuse to accept stuff from Enterprise because it doesn’t sit well with you and THEN blast others for not liking an equally unnecessary change brought on by Discovery. But does that mean that the people who like that unnecessary change should be told they are wrong or can’t accept canon, etc.?

          • 1: I have not flipped flopped. Nor was I condescending. I have explained the fact they changed the look to you a dozen times. You are not confused by it.

            2: Yes, the two make ups can not be the same race. The New ones are what Klingons are and always have been. Just as in TMP those where always klingons, until they changed them again in III and again in V. each and every make up change that was always what they looked like.

            So yes, these are what Klingons looked like in the ENT era.

            3: I do not care if you like them or not, but you need to stop playing false. You know looks are not canon, you know its a simple make up change. And lying about it makes you looks foolish. You do not want to debate, you want to use falsehoods and whine over things you already understand.

            4: Yes, the silly recon happened. However, if they use Arguments, they get to pick what they look like. They are not forced to use 1960’s brown face. They can pure up state TNG style klingons are the augments, or make up a whole new look and it has zero impact on canon. Because its just a makeup change.

          • Snap

            “3: I do not care if you like them or not, but you need to stop playing
            false. You know looks are not canon, you know its a simple make up
            change. And lying about it makes you looks foolish. You do not want to
            debate, you want to use falsehoods and whine over things you already

            Oh, please, do tell me what my views are because you obviously know my mind a hell of a lot better than I do. Quit being an arrogant ass and be civil, for once. Just because you do not like other points of view does not mean they are “lies.” You have, in the past, made flat out untrue comments swearing that Gene Roddenberry got rid of every scrap of anything TOS, which is a blatant lie with even a simple glance in TNG’s direction

            In my experience interacting with you, you can be entirely pleasant provided what is being said agrees with you but should anything dare to deviate from your view, you get combative and condescending and hurling insults when people won’t convert to what you want them to think. All the while you play the victim, and claim others are getting too defensive about their views. Don’t forget that it was you who blew your stack at the mere idea that the two versions of Klingons could co-exist. If anyone is unwilling to compromise, it is clearly you.

            Notice how the tone of my messages has changed since you decided to start talking to me like an idiot and a liar? Once you grow up, maybe we can have reasonable debates where we can ultimately agree to disagree.

            I don’t care one bit if you prefer the Discovery Klingons over the TNG Klingons, but I don’t have to like the goofy new look and you really need to learn to accept that and not call people a “liar” because they disagree with you.

            “4: Yes, the silly recon happened. However, if they use Arguments, they
            get to pick what they look like. They are not forced to use 1960’s brown
            face. They can pure up state TNG style klingons are the augments, or
            make up a whole new look and it has zero impact on canon. Because its
            just a makeup change.”

            There you go with your stock “60s” retort. Was TNG, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise produced in the 60s? I made no mention of TOS Klingons, and you accuse ME of using falsehoods.

            If it’s just a makeup change, why did you claim that the Discovery Klingons are not the same race as TNG Klingons? Just scroll up a bit and read your own post before you call me a liar and whine that I am using falsehoods.

            You like to point to TMP that they changed the Klingons and, yes, they changed the Klingons but they didn’t make them completely unrecognizable. Their ships were still recognizably Klingon ships whereas the Discovery Klingon ships looks like generic alien ships from any other sci-fi series.

            Once again, I am more than happy to have reasonable discussions with you but I’m not going to put up with your bully tactics.

          • TUP

            Are you suggesting that these Klingons are not the same “in universe”? Because there is nothing to indicate that to be true.

            They are the same Klingons we saw in Enterprise, TOS, TNG, etc. Just different make-up.

          • He wants an in setting explination for the new make up lol

          • Keith Melton

            And who knows…we may actually get that tying ALL of the klingon versions together somehow. But for now, accepting this is how Klingons look (and apply that look however you wish back to past shows) is the way to go. Complaining about the klingons look is getting tired.

          • It really is, he keeps saying its a “Canon violation” and wanting an explanation. But we never got one before the joke, as one one needed one. If they keep the augments, I want em to use the TNG versions as those and watch some folks have kittens trying to adjust their head canon.

          • Keith Melton

            I do think a clarification on your stance would be good. I myself after reading this thread are not sure now where you come down.
            I see it is as thus:
            Klingons in TOS*, Movies,TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT*, and DSC: are all the same species. They look different now, but that doesn’t mean that all the klingons we’ve seen before are different.
            *Original make up budget and Augment Virus to retcon non-withstanding. Waters can get a little muddy there.

            Agree or disagree?
            And if disagree, what is your justification for TNG Klingons (aka the 20+ year gold standard of Klingon look) being a different species/half breed/what not?

          • I agree that whatever the current Look was at that time, was what they always looked like. TOS, Klingons where flat head. TMP they had ALWAYS been the bone mohawk look, TNG they had ALWAYS been the ridge look, in setting.

            In reality, we know the make up changed, in setting it had always looked like whatever they currnetly looked like. Just like Bajorins always did not have the nobs on their faces after they removed them. Just like Trill always looked like Dax, after they redesigned them.

            In universe there is no change, to everyone in setting they always looked like whatever the current make up was. Kirk sure was not confused when his long time foes and a race he hates suddenly changed. There was no “Mr. Spock, who are those aliens?”

            In the same fashion the DSC version is the current look, so what they all look like until they change it. If they stupidly make an insetting reason, fine, but unless they do, none is needed as we know these are Klingon. Just as we knew Dax was a trill, even if she looked nothing like the Trill. And just like we needed no explanation for worfs three to five make up changes. No one went “Nose job worf?”

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            He get’s unnecessarily so wound up and defensive about the look of stuff.

            I kind of feel sorry for the dude — he can’t see the forest through the trees.

          • Maybe I am coming off harsher than I intend, but he gets super defensive.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            He’s obviously a smart guy who makes some good points, but man does he take contrary opinions way too personally!

          • I am not sure why he can’t grasp its just a make up change. Trek does this all the time.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            Yea, like, duh!

          • I think I am done with him over it. He takes it all so very personal and just can’t grasp we do not need an explanation for a real world make up change.

          • Snap

            There is precedent for that, yes, with Kang, Kor and Koloth all appearing in TNG-era Klingon makeup so that argument can definitely be made. However, as both DS9 and Enterprise opened up the can of worms concerning differing appearances it is also possible that they both co-exist. There is nothing we have seen thus far which disqualifies that possibility, but some people seem to take personal offense at the mere possibility.

            But as I mentioned before, a makeup change is one thing, a complete overhaul in tech is another and, really, unnecessary. There is nothing recognizable about what they pass off as Klingon tech and they really could just be generic aliens as far as Discovery is concerned (for those who are too literal, read that it says “could just be generic” and not “are just generic” – sorry, but I have learned I have to make such disclaimers around here) whereas in TMP, you knew these aliens were Klingons because they had recognizable Klingon ships and they certainly weren’t Romulans.

            We’ve only had four episodes of Discovery thus far and while it is safe to assume that nothing will be done with the Klingons at this point, none of us can say what they might choose to do in the future.

          • The Science Fiction Oracle

            “whereas in TMP, you knew these aliens were Klingons because they had recognizable Klingon ships and they certainly weren’t Romulans.”

            That’s hilarious! Can you imagine seeing a movie based on feudal japan, but with black actors playing the parts, but then someone says, “don’t worry about that, because the samurai swords and armor look recognizable,” LOL — makes no sense!

          • 3:
            A: I have no issue being civil you went pure defense because I would not buy into what ever lie you are telling yourself. Me pointing out reality is not being “Uncivil”

            b: TNG has zero to do with the style and look of TOS. The best you can get is the colors of the uniforms are somewhat alike, but really based off the movies and not TOS

            c: Yes, I will call someone dishonest if they say DSC klingons look nothing like the klingons we have seen before, because it is being dishonest

            d: You do not want a debate, you want someone to lie to you. To feed you the BS you want and to explain Real world make up changes in universe. All the while Ignoring the dozens of times this has happened before.

            A: And there you go moving the goalpost. The smooth head klingons are 1960’s brown face. We both know this, its not an attack to point out the truth. They even used a color called “Mexican brown” IIRC.

            B: The Makes ups are not the same, They have different shaped skulls and bodies. Its like saying Apes and Humans are the same race. TNG klingons could be some type of half breed, or subjected race. But they can’t be the same species.

            The new make up invokes the old, but its not the same make up.

            C: Yes the TMP klingons have almost nothing in common with TOS ones and they are pretty much unrecognizable as the same race.

          • Snap

            You should really stop deflecting blame onto others.

            You blew your stack at the mere concept that Discovery and TNG Klingons could co-exist within the Empire and, despite arguing that they are Klingons when others have said they don’t look anything like them, flopped your stance to say they are not the same race.

            When I called you out on it, you got snarky and started calling me a liar using falsehoods. Whether you simply don’t realize it or on purpose, you have an odd refusal to own up to being offensive and that is when our interactions get heated.

            Look, it doesn’t bother me one bit whether you prefer aesthetics which I don’t, I really don’t care. You can disagree with me all you like and, yes, I will disagree with you but I don’t for one moment expect to convert you to my way of thinking. What I DO take exception to is when you come along and tell me I am wrong for my opinions while blatantly contradicting your own statements in your arguments and you even say that elements from the franchise itself are BS if you don’t particularly like them. I’m content with just accepting we disagree on stuff, but far too often you just sling around the “it’s not the 60s” or “GR wanted this” and other rhetoric which has absolutely no bearing on any argument, such as when I brought up the ridiculous holographic “mirror” in the past episode, you just responded by telling me it’s not the 1960s. How is that anything but a borderline trollish response?

            What you CAN blame me for is allowing myself to respond to you in kind when you adopt your bully tactics but, like I said, I’m not going to put up with them. If you don’t like how the convesations turn out then maybe you should stop treating people who disagree with you like an idiot. Like I said, you’re perfectly capable of having reasonable conversations when people agree with you, just show the same respect when opinions differ.

            I am not the authority when it comes to Star Trek, and neither are you. Except for those who obviously and blatantly troll around here, we’re all fans of Star Trek each with our own opinions and we all have the right to voice those opinions. I may disagree on issues, but I don’t treat you like an idiot nor insinuate that you lack a grasp on reality and, when I screw up, I own up to it.

          • TNG and DSC klingons can not be the same race, just as TMP Bonehawk and TNG are not the same race. You seem not to be able to grasp the fact they changed the make up and I am done trying to walk you threw this as you plug your ears and keep yelling the same nonsense.

          • Snap

            But what I’m saying is that everybody is saying it’s just a makeup change, just like it was just a makeup change from TOS to TMP/TNG. Even with Enterprise, there was the Xindi with several distinct races who all called themselves Xindi.

            You say I “plug my ears and yell the same nonsense” but you’re refusing to look at things logically and either claiming it’s just a makeup change or that they’re entirely different races based on what the debate may be and even in the same argument as you’ve done above.

            What you clearly cannot grasp is that Star Trek has already established that two contrasting versions of the Klingons CAN exist at the same time but you “plug your ears and scream ‘I can’t hear you'” and try to ignore it because it doesn’t fit what you want. IIt certainly appears that compromise is anathema to you and that everything must be a binary right or wrong, yes or no.

            What’s clear to me is you will only accept your own personal point of view and it frustrates the hell out of you when others do not share your stance, so you throw your tantrums and then throw up your hands saying “You can’t grasp this so I’m done dealing with you.” Clearly you cannot have reasonable discussions if the end result is you cannot get your way. That’s your problem, not mine.

        • Matthew Burns

          Same here. I think of Gowron, Worf, Krudge, Martok, Kurn when I think of the Klingons.

    • ¡ zer0 !

      No more subtitles. I’m sure the actors would be happier too.

    • Matthew Burns

      Did the writers not say that Season 1 is a complete story. The war with the Klingons. Maybe Season 2 will be another story that does not involve Klingons.

      • Locutus

        I hope they move beyond the Klingon arc. I don’t want them to needlessly drag the war out. I’m all for what they are doing, but I’d get bored with multiple Klingon focused seasons.

      • AmiRami

        I’m not sure at this point. When Bryan Fuller were involved that would be totally the case as this was to be an anthology series. But things might have changed since he departed the show.

  • James

    Well, so far I’ve been blown away with Discovery. Absolutely brilliant show. Looking forward to the rest of the season. As we once used to say, Star Trek Lives!

    • Denise

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  • Eric Watson

    Bring on Season 2 and beyond!

    • AmiRami

      Beyond is all ready out 😛

      • I really enjoyed that one.

        • AmiRami

          As did I. Pine was brilliant. And I was NOT a fan of his in the first one.

          • I found the 3rd the best. It was a mature Kirk and I liked it. I really think they first would have been better with a bit of a rewrite.

          • AmiRami

            Same here. IIRC JJ had Pine play Kirk like Harrison Ford in the first one which was nutso. But in Beyond he perfectly channeled Shatner without making it a parody and it was brilliant.

          • IMO the first would have been fine, if he had not rushed him. Have him a hot head, then leave academy . Fast forward 5 or 6 years.

          • AmiRami

            I have a very specific opinion about the first.. one that many ppl hate… but… here goes!!!

            I don’t think Kirk should have been a cadet at the same time Uhura was, ESP when Spock was already an officer. In TOS, the only seniour staff older thank kirk was Scotty and maybe by a little spock.

            But here’s the thing, if you wanted them at the academy at the same time you could have. He could have been a leutenant at the time, having just served aboard the rebublic and transferred into command and sent back to the acedemy for cmd school training. You could have had almost the same movie but with a much older and more respectful Kirk.

          • That would have worked for me. Spock being a pure instructor would have worked for me as well. Its not a bad movie, but it could have been oh so much better.

          • AmiRami

            Ya… JJ wasn’t bad per se… but if he shifted his focus a bit it could have been much better

          • I think the middle is the weak part. I rather liked hothead Kirk, he had a whole diff upbringing. But I loved the worn out kirk from STB, that whole movie just worked for me.

          • AmiRami


          • Kirksdeadjim

            What has this got to do with Discovery?

          • Thread drift. Someone brought up Star trek Beyond, which drifted again to ST09

          • Eric Cheung

            In the Kelvin universe, Kirk started at the Academy when he was 22, and most of the movie takes place when he’s 25, so in the Prime Timeline, he may very well have been a lieutenant when he was 25. If Uhura was a freshman at the bar, then she was probably about four years younger thank Kirk.

            Wasn’t Kirk supposedly the youngest captain in Starfleet history in the Prime Timeline, as a 32 year-old at the start of the five-year mission in 2265? That record was obviously broken much more thoroughly in the Kelvin Timeline, as he was a captain seven years earlier, when he was 25. If so, it’s conceivable that a lot of the crew were similar in age to Kirk, in either timeline.

            The outlier is that Chekov is older than his Prime counterpart, and since he’s younger than Kirk, and therefore post-incursion, he’s technically a different character.

            Nichelle Nichols is about a year-and-a-third younger than Shatner. Zoe Saldana is about two years older than Chris Pine.

          • AmiRami

            “If Uhura was a freshman at the bar, then she was probably about four years younger thank Kirk.”

            But see therein lies the problem. Uhura was in the academy before Kirk! I mean granted… The Kelvin explanation was that George Kirk’s death severely f’ed up Kirk’s upbringing and he joined Starfleet way late but still… They didn’t have to go down that route.

            “Wasn’t Kirk supposedly the youngest captain in Starfleet history in the Prime Timeline, as a 32 year-old at the start of the five-year mission in 2265?”

            Yep he sure was! And My problem really wasn’r Kelvin Kirk’s age when he became captain but more along the lines of a cadet (hero or otherwise) being granted the command of the Federation Flagship having never served a single day (officially) in Starfleet. For me, that little fact took me right out of the story,

            “The outlier is that Chekov is older than his Prime counterpart,”

            Not sure that is true. Chekov is 19 when he joins the Enterprise crew. He was listed as a Wesley Crusher type child progedy. So in a way…. I was more ok with him being there than Kirk. Maybe be was too young by standards but he was only an Ensign, not the Captain.

            “Nichelle Nichols is about a year-and-a-third younger than Shatner. Zoe Saldana is about two years older than Chris Pine.”

            Understandable. But real life age doesn’t have much to do with it. For example, take Batman V Superman. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavil are pretty close in age but in universe Batman was “batman” when Clark was still growing up.

          • Eric Cheung

            I’ll admit, I wasn’t really addressing fitness for command, so much as whether their ages lined up with their Prime Timeline counterparts. Their ages appear to line up pretty well, but the rapid promotion to captain is still pretty silly.

          • AmiRami


          • AmiRami

            Also, off topic, but I wish they stuck with their original premise of the Enterprise under Robert April and George Kirk having gotten blown up instead of the Kelvin. I understand why Paramount was afraid of doing it but that would have ben much more fun.

          • Matthew Burns

            It bothered me the Promotion to Captain at the end. We did not need to have Kirk become a Captain at the end. We did not need to see that happen.

            Why not be more ambitious and show Kirk and crew under command of another Captain, before Kirk took over that role. Kirk could have been made a first officer, which would make more sense. I think the end of Into Darkness should have been Kirks promotion to Captain.

          • TUP

            I disliked the whole premise of Kirk in the first film. They played him like the shallow stereotype of a “James Kirk” character (arrogant, womanizer) rather than the complicated character he actually was. It showed the writers didnt know the character and didnt do the research.

            Some key changes, within the framework of what we got, that I think would have made it better:

            – Instead of Kelvin, make it the classic Enterprise we know and love with Captain April in command. You still destroy it. This is a “shocker” and shows us how Nero being there has changed things.

            – Show us Kirk as a youth who isnt the stereotypical rebel without a cause due to his dad’s death. its so cliche. Show us that he’s still the man of destiny we know. Make him studious and brilliant and responsible. But hopelessly devoted to his mother (who has raised him as a single parent).

            Show us a Kirk always looking at the stars, feeling that pull of destiny he doesnt quite understand, a sense of needing to honor his father. Show us a Kirk who doesnt belong in ordinary life on Earth.

            BUT…he doesnt pursue Star Fleet because his mother doesnt approve. She is traumatized by what happened on the Enterprise and George dying. Kirk hides his interest in space, even hides his brilliance that should earn him entry to Star Fleet. Perhaps teachers are encouraging him to go. He refuses.

            In a subconscious way, Winona is holding Kirk back. Have Pike there. Why? Because now we have a real reason to build the Enterprise in Kirk’s home town – because George died a hero and thus they build the new ship in his town as homage. Pike is over-seeing its build.

            The idea of these cadets chillin at a bar in Iowa makes no sense. Why are they there?

            Have Pike feel a sense of looking in on Kirk. You could even have Pike as a young officer on the original Enterprise who escaped. So he feels a debt to George. A hint of romance with Winona. A father figure to Kirk but one that is held at bay by Winona because she doesnt want him inspiring Kirk.

            Finally…something happens and Pike gives Kirk the speech. Doesnt matter. But Winona sees that his destiny lies elsewhere and SHE finally gives him the permission to go and be inspired.

            – Sarek’s speech to Spock as a child was counter to what we know of them. He should have implied to Spock that he was bullied because of his human half and he’d need to repress that and embrace his Vulcan side if he ever hoped to belong. This adds to the later wedge between them and makes Sarek’s speech to Spock on the bridge later mean more…a lot more.

            – Do not have Chekov in the film at all. Unless you want a cutsey scene of a child-Chekov meeting one of our heroes but its not needed.

            – The kobiyashi Maru scene was aweful and completely undercut the discussion about Kirk’s solution from WoK. In WoK we are led to believe that Kirk was clever and programmed the computer so it was possible to win. I always imagined that it still meant he had to use his brilliance and wit to “win”, not that it was a complete cheat.

            In this film, we see a slacker Kirk who has to do nothing to win. It showed us nothing positive about Kirk. And why would he be suspended when we know he received a commendation?

            – I didnt hate the Uhura/Spock romance but it painted them both as very unprofessional.

            Most importantly, dont end the film with Kirk promoted from cadet to Captain. Dont wrap it up so neatly. I know why they did it but I think going the opposite direction actually gives us more anticipation for the future.

            Have them all going off in different directions and a sense of “farewell” that we know wont last that long. Kirk promoted to Lt and assigned to the Farragut. Spock as science officer on the Enterprise under Pike’s command (you can show us the female Number One). etc etc.

            I went back and forth with Orci a few times online and found him to be an obnoxious, arrogant jerk far too often. But I maintain that he seems like a really good idea guy, just not a particularly great writer. Both 2009 and STID had the bones of great stories but needed better writers and more oversight to make them work.

          • AmiRami

            I agree 100000% about Kirk. it would have been much better had it been done the way you suggest.

            I never really thought about Sarek’s speech to Spock but your right. Sarek, at this point in time couldn’t care less about Spoc’s feelings as he considers them a weakness and would have simply told spock the truth.

            Agreed about Chekov too. Prior to the movies he was really a throw away character. You don’t need him. But turning him into Wesley Crusher was just BAD BAD BAD!

            I actually did hate the Spock/Uhura relationship. “I’M ASSIGNED TO THE ENTERPRISE!” “Yes, I believe you are”. WTF??

            “Most importantly, dont end the film with Kirk promoted from cadet to Captain. Dont wrap it up so neatly. ”

            THIS!!! This was the WORST decision of the whole movie. He should have been assigned to the Republic as a leutenant OR he shoudl have been a Leutenant from the Rerpublic who was put back at the academy for CMD school training. You don’t go from being a washed out cadet to commanding the federation flagship. Did you ever see the DS9 ep the Valliant? This was lika a blockbuster movie version of that ridiculous episode.

          • TUP

            You’re quite right it should be Republic, not Farragut.

            I think i’ve softened on the Spock/Uhura relationship a bit if only because there is merit in Spock seeing logic in a relationship with a human. Because of his mother or to seek insight into humanity or to try to understand his father.

            But Spock would never engage in an inappropriate relationship with an underling. I’d be fine if they were equals at the academy. They could have had Spock advanced to instructor or acting first officer and then have him break up with her because its no longer appropriate (having him explain its logical that he’d be biased in her favour etc) would have been fine because you could play Spock as subtly pained by that choice (almost his own version of he Kobiyashi Maru) and Uhura being angry yet still supportive when he needs it.

            The writers just seemed incapable of writing anyone or anything any better than shallow stereotypes. Its like they’d never been in a relationship or knew any women!

            In regards to Sarek, his words of encouragement to Spock as a child had no bearing on the story so there was no reason to change his personality from cold and distant to supportive.

            We know Sarek is complicated and essentially an asshole. Had he instead “blamed” Spock’s problems on his human half that he got from his mother, in a way, Sarek is blaming Amanda. That contributes to Spock feeling more protective of her and HER culture. And then when Sarek speaks to adult Spock we FINALLY get him acting supportive and admitting his love for Amanda (and perhaps in that way convincing Spock to reconsider ending things with Uhura).

            Make things connect and make sense. These writers never did that.

            I believe it was Orci who said there was pressure to have a happy ending with the crew all together. I dont recall if he meant internal pressure that they put on themselves or pressure from the studio. But it didnt serve the story.

            Spock Prime watching them all say goodbye to each other and going their separate ways while he KNOWS they will all come back together would have been more forward looking than hitting us on the nose with them all together. And then they wouldnt have to do the awkward demotion of Kirk, only to promote him once again. ugh.

            And also Spock Prime wouldnt just be content to let the time line be altered. He would have done something about. Which is to the heart of the matter concerning the writers’ decision to change how time travel works in Star Trek. The idea Spock would decide he was more needed in the past to help new Vulcan, okay, I get it. But OUR Spock would have set out to prevent it from happening in the first place (how about whispering to his younger self to make sure Romulus has some red matter. Thus it doesnt blow up, thus Nero doesnt get sucked into a black hole, thus he doesnt seek revenge. Voila. lol

          • Kirksdeadjim

            What has this all got to do with Discovery?

          • AmiRami

            nothing per se. Just a conversation that evolved.

          • mswood666

            Trek 2009 had to deal with a writer’s strike. Which stopped all rewrites, not to mention any fine tuning during production, which often occurs. All they were allowed where very minor changes in dialogue provided from the actors, per WG rules.

          • TUP

            Yeah but the final shooting script sucked anyway. Its one thing to polish a turd but its still a turd./

          • It shows, gods it shows.

  • Fiery Little One

    Good to know.

  • Drew A. Gutman

    I don’t like that I can only stream it via All Access and when linked to my T. V. the app fails to work. All you get is a blue circle that turns and then stops. Then you get an error code. When I unlink it, the app works on my smartphone.
    I think as much as I like Star Trek, thier taking advantage of loyal fans.
    I have a brand new Sony Bravia smart TV, Verizon Fios and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, I pay for cable, Netflix, I’m getting rid of Hulu, and as soon as Discovery is over, I’m going to cancel.
    Better yet if I can el now and join in a month, Illl be able to watch all the episodes at once!

    • Eric Cheung

      Hmm…I know that I had trouble at first. The only way I could figure out how to stream it with my brand new BlackBerry KEYone to my Chromecast on my TV was to use the “Home” Google app and stream the whole screen. But then, I realized that even though I had the All Access app, it worked better to use the regular CBS app. It allowed me to stay logged into All Access, and access exclusive content, but through the CBS app, which had an icon that allowed me to stream its content directly to the Chromecast, instead of just casting the entire phone’s content.

      There’s probably a solution for you as well. You may want to talk to CBS All Access’ tech support, or contact some of the other companies you listed.

  • AmiRami

    Are we still looking at a 2019 release year fro season 2? Cause if so I won’t be subscribing to All Access for much of 2018.

    • Snap

      It looks likely, but I imagine it could also change if CBS wants more Trek ASAP.

      • AmiRami

        Welp i’m hoping for the latter, assuming the rest of the season is as enjoyable as what we have seen as of yet.

        • Snap

          I’m optimistic. I may find the Klingon stuff to be dull and forgettable, but the Starfleet side of things shows promise and characters interesting enough to follow long term.

          • AmiRami

            The best thing I like about the show is that it keeps me guessing. As much as I loved TNG, I can’t say that was really ever the case.

          • Snap

            True, that was definitely the era of the “reset button,” it’s amazing DS9 was able to add serialization into the show despite being first run syndication.

          • AmiRami

            True. Although to be fair it barely survived it. I remember DS9 being called the best show on TV no one is watching. Imagine how well that show would have done today!

          • Matthew Burns

            Catch Up and Streaming was still something in a future dream, not a reality, as recent as about 15 years ago or so. Back then, serialized TV was difficult to pull off without losing your audience because they become lost and confused in its narrative. That is now not a problem at all.

          • AmiRami

            yep exactly!

  • startrekker1701

    They’re breaking up the season?! This isn’t really how non-broadcast shows are supposed to work.

    • Eric Cheung

      Wasn’t it a cable show, Battlestar Galactica, that kind of pioneered that scheduling model? That wasn’t a broadcast show.

      There are other distribution models besides broadcast and streaming, such as basic cable and premium cable. The streaming model is young enough that there hasn’t exactly been a uniform operating procedure. Netflix releases the entire season, except in the case of Chelsea Handler’s talk show. Hulu releases episodes once a week. Web series like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee or Epic Rap Battles of History usually release on a weekly basis during their run, but whenever they feel like releasing new episodes. Podcasts like WTF release on a twice-weekly basis.

      Since this is a service from a broadcast network, that already has a mix of archival, original, and live programming, I’m not surprised that its model is a little different from some of the other services.

      • DC Forever

        I think it was way before that with Babylon 5 and that sci-fi space series with all of the puppets?

        • Farescape?

          • Keith Melton

            Farscape (amazing show btw for space fantasy)

            But both it and Babylon 5 had normal (for the time) 22 episode seasons so I am not sure what you guys are getting at.
            Battlestar Galactica had a 3 hour mini series pilot, 13 episode 1st season and then 20 episode seasons for the rest.

          • I am not sure what the topic was, I was just guessing “Farscape” based off “That show with puppets”. As if there is another, I have no clue. I am not sure I would call farscap sci-fantasy, but it was space opera all day long.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Huh? Are you typing this through a time portal from the 90’s, dude? LOL

      • Keith Melton

        Let alone the fact that a season split was already known when the show started airing. The only thing now that is changed is we are getting one more this year (in a cheap grab for subscriptions) instead of next.

      • AmiRami

        I have to admit, i HATE the way CBS All Access is airing DIS. I pay for it because I am that much of a trekkie. But there is a lot to this service otherwise that is to be desired.

        • DC Forever

          What’s the big deal? You subscribe, you watch, no problem?

          • AmiRami

            Because I think its ok that its ok to have an OP that is neither black or white buy grey. I can like things about DIS but dislike others. Liking one aspect of something doesn’t mean you are obligated to like everything about it. And TBH with you I think that is an issue on these blogs where ppl want to shove you in one category or another without recognizing that there can be compromise.

            Just my $0.02

          • DC Forever

            You did not answer my question about why you hate the way it’s being distributed?

          • AmiRami

            ‘”HATE” in ALL-CAPS is certainly not a “grey area” opinion, BTW’

            Granted. But what are you attributing the word “hate” to? CBS? DIS? “All Access”? I might not have positioned it right but.. all caps in a post is meant convey emphasis and clearly by your reply I accomplished at least that much lol.

            “why you hate the way it’s being distributed?”

            Other than for a cash grab, why show all eps split in two? I mean, sure, TV shows on Networks do it. but there are VERY different reasons(caps used to emphasis that the differences are large).

            1) On Network TV, shows are 23+ episodes long. Not 13-15

            2) Given that amount of time, actors need time to recuperate or even work on other projects, or both, or even neither, but just to do their own thing

            Thats one BIG reason why streaming shows can get A-List actors that Network TV can’t. The commitment time is little more than a movie much less than being a 10/hr per day/6 days per week/30 weeks a year thing

            3) Writers need time to come up with more material.

            4) AND THIS IS THE BIGGEST REASON BY FAR (caps meant to denote than you need to emphasis on this more than anything else)!!! Breaks in seasons of shows are for Neilson ratings purposes during the holidays, football season, etc…

            OUt of these 4 points I mentioned, do you believe there is a justification of DIS being delayed between season p1 and season p2 other than a blantant CBS All Access douche cash grab?

          • Keith Melton

            You have some misguided/misinformed things here.
            1. A 13 episode season order is a common episode order for many shows in a first season. Only super highly successful shows get more than 20 episodes these days. And many of those are only extended episode orders once the show is on the air.
            2. I don’t understand what you are getting at here.
            3. And? This is true of any show.
            4. Stereo typically? Sure, season breaks are due to niselson ratings and for other reasons. However it is not the only reason. Let’s remember that DSC (can we agree on an abbreviation to use?)was already behind schedule when it began airing. Just this week principal shooting was completed. Post production on a show like this is going to take time thus the need to push back the last half. Right there is reason enough. Even if you want to put any malice towards what CBS is doing, the fact the episodes aren’t ready yet is undeniable.

            So then if you hate this distribution method so much, why don’t you just wait til next year when it is done and pay for one month and watch them all?

          • AmiRami

            I thought it was DSC myself but I noticed on Memory-Alpha it is DIS which is why I started using DIS.

            “So then if you hate this distribution method so much, why don’t you just wait til next year when it is done and pay for one month and watch them all?”

            I dont have anywhere near that much patience.

            Don’t get me wrong. I may hate the distribution model but I do like DIS. I can put up with a lot for a good show.

          • Keith Melton

            I didn’t realize MA was using “DIS” hmmm I usually default to them as proper source of things. I think DSC works better myself.

            At least you admit you have a problem (no patience.) Just pretend then it is still a normal broadcast network show (which in many ways it still is) and that the method of delivery is the same.

          • AmiRami

            Thats actually exactly what I am doing lol

      • startrekker1701

        No? I had expected with STD on Netflix, the whole series would be released at once for the binge era we’re in. Weekly is bad enough, having a break sucks.

        • Keith Melton

          So you didn’t pay attention to how it was originally announced the show would be on a weekly schedule? You assumed you could binge it all and somehow that is CBS fault?

          • startrekker1701

            I’m not saying anything is anyone’s fault – I’m observing that it is outwith the standard Netflix model.

        • Matthew Burns

          Why don’t you wait until all the episodes have been released, which I am guessing will be around April next year. Wait until then, then subscribe and you can watch the season at your own pace, and not having to wait a whole week before next episode.

  • Denise

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