Star Trek licensee has previewed a number of upcoming Trek products set to debut in the coming weeks and months from their online outlet, including one Next Generation prop replica we first saw at Las Vegas this past August.

First up is a TNG-era LCARS-themed keyset, to upgrade Cherry MX-compatible mechanical keyboards to Starfleet specs of the 24th Century.

The keycap set is in the preorder phase now to determine if enough interest is available for a full production run; while another week remains in the preorder window, early orders have already doubled the initial projection.

This keyset was designed in consultation with members of the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community, who can be as die-hard as Trek fans when it comes to the accoutrements of their hobby.

Considerable effort has been taken, matching to actual screen-used translite graphics, to ensure fidelity to the spirit of the originals: we have chosen a flat key profile (all key rows are the same height) with rounded corners, and we are even custom-mixing one of the resin colors using the Pantone color-matching system to get just the right shade of yellow.

The LCARS keyboard cap set can be preordered for $109.00.

Moving from Starfleet to the Klingon Empire, has revealed an artisan-quality mek’leth to join their existing bat’leth product which debuted a year or so back.

The hand-held Klingon blade debuted in Star Trek: First Contact, and while redesigned for Star Trek: Discovery, the version due in December represents the mek’leth carried by Lt. Commander Worf.

Constructed of high-grade aircraft Aluminum, featuring a genuine leather grip; this is a truly substantial hand-made display piece. Measuring 18 inches in length, the Legacy Series Mek’Leth is the perfect compliment to our Bat’leth prop replica. Includes: Aluminum prop replica, cold-cast resin display stand featuring a gold plate Aluminium Klingon insignia, and certificate of authenticity.

This Mek’leth prop replica is designed to the specifications used for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The false edge blade is not sharpened, and the points have been dulled for increased safety when handling.’s mek’leth is available for preorder at $299.00.

Last up is a replica we first spotted at STLV in August – see our prototype photo above – which is a recreation of the isolinear circuit boards from Captain Picard’s ready room.

One of several items seen on Picard’s desk — including his crystal which debuted earlier this year — these computer plates were never given a specific purpose on The Next Generation, but remained in the captain’s ready room throughout the series.

While it won’t be available to order until December 1, the team did share some production photography of the cards in manufacturing on their Facebook page this week.


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