We’re on the eve of another Star Trek: Discovery weekend, and while we count down the hours to “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” which looks to be a Saru-centric episode penned by our friend Kirsten Beyer, we’ve got set of seven new photos from the upcoming episode – and a teaser that looks like Admiral Cornwell is not in a very great position after her capture by Klingon agents.

DSC 108: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”

The U.S.S. Discovery is tasked with a high priority mission to planet Pahvo and learn the science behind the Klingon’s cloaking technology.

The crew finally gets to get off of the Discovery — and shoot on location in Toronto! — as Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif), Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), and Saru (Doug Jones) don landing party gear and head out into the woods to explore a strange new world.

“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” airs this Sunday on SPACE and CBS All Access, and hits Netflix Monday, followed by an all new After Trek with host Matt Mira.

Novel #1:
"Desperate Hours"

Novel #2:
"Drastic Measures"

Novel #3:
"Fear Itself"

  • Quintillion Tesla

    Good to see our first ‘Away Team’ episode, even if it is to “Planet Canada”.

    • Harold Heretic

      Looks like the forest moon of Endor. I have expect a speeder bike to show up 😉

      • Partha Mittra

        I don’t mind as long as it does not look like Southern California Planet

    • GIBBS v2

      I think every science fiction show visits that planet at least once.

    • Perplexum

      Looks like they added a bit in post production, the plants look more blue-ish in the video.

    • reddkryten

      Planet Canada!

      They’ve beamed into an X-File.

      • Locutus

        … or over to Stargate

        • Dwight Williams

          “Planet GTA” in DSC’s case. “Planet Fraser-1” for the worlds of the X-Files, Stargate, Galactica 2.0, etc..

    • Eric Watson

      I’m ok with Planet Canada. I think we’ve seen enough of Planet California in other Trek shows.

    • Nice to have a new planet.

  • TUP

    Im interested to see if we get some discussion of Romulans…

    • Victorinox

      I replied this in another website, so i’ll post it here for the benefit of others. I’m not trying to spam you lol.

      The writers have said that they are purposely avoiding the Romulans, to avoid issues with Balance of Terror.

      “Romulan is a dirty word in the writers’ room right now because of where we are in the timeline. The sparks fly when the writers bring up the Romulans.” Said Aaron Halberts

      Dirty word doesn’t mean forbidden or whatever, so they may end up showing up. I personally hope they don’t.

      • Quintillion Tesla

        There’s no reason that the Klingons can’t be having interactions with Romulans ( which we the audience can be privvy to, even if Starfleet isn’t ). Perhaps Kol even got his cloaking tech from them?

        • Martin Paternoster

          Except the Romulan cloaking technology was experimental in Balance of Terror. It could be an ancient lost technology for the Klingons that were developed in ancient times.

          • Victorinox

            Sorry but this is not correct. ENT established that Romulan cloaking tech was fully developed by 2152. See episode “Minefield” where the Enterprise accidentally entered a cloaked minefield protecting a Romulan-claimed planet. They manage to detect the minefield, but then two Birds-of-Prey suddenly arrived, and the Enterprise was not able to penetrate their more advanced cloaks.

          • Locutus

            It seemed like a continuity error when ST: Enterprise introduced cloaking technology. But since the cat is out of the bag, the writers should be able to decide which way they want to go with it now. Either stick with ENT’s continuity error or stay consistent with TOS “Balance of Terror.”

          • Victorinox

            Whaaaat? A continuity error before DSC? No way! Based on the comments here you would think everything was all nice and dandy until Discovery “ruined” the continuity.

            Anyway, instead of picking sides, they should just bridge the gap. They should be able to come up with some sort of explanation to retcon the inconsistency.

          • Locutus

            I dunno. It’s a tough gap to fill. I mean, Spock says something like “they must have some kind of invisibility shield.” You’d think the Romulan “cloaking device” being known about for 100 years would be basic instruction at the academy, and it’s hard to believe Spock of all people—who is a walking encyclopedia—wouldn’t know it or what it is called.

          • Brian_Brodrick

            This is what Spock says about that:

            KIRK: Position of the intruder, Mister Spock.
            SPOCK: Disappeared. Interesting how they became visible for just a moment.
            KIRK: When they opened fire. Perhaps necessary when they use their weapon.
            SPOCK: I have a blip on the motion sensor. Could be the intruder.
            KIRK: Go to full magnification.
            SULU: Screen is on full mag, sir.
            KIRK: I don’t see anything. I can’t understand it.
            SPOCK: Invisibility is theoretically possible, Captain, with selective bending of light. But the power cost is enormous. They may have solved that problem.

          • Locutus

            Interesting. I guess since he does realize they’re Romulans yet, you could work with that. Just some other aliens that must have solved the power problem (although the Romulans had already solved it a while ago). Still, it seems like Spock should have thought Romulans. On the other hand, they hadn’t been around for a hundred years, so his mind wouldn’t automatically go there.

            At any rate, I usually don’t really get too hung up on stuff like this. 50 years of storytelling, there’s gonna be a few inconsistencies and this is one I can live with.

          • Neill Stringer

            one of the novels explained that it the cloaking for ships was a bit of failed experiement and that the minefield used a early form of cloak. So perhaps it was a new more powerful cloak.

          • prometheus59650


            Cloaking technology was only theoretical to the Federation in BoT. Doesn’t at all mean that it wasn’t a pretty well-refined tech for anyone else.

          • ENT let that cat out of the bag, it was well known by pre-federation star fleet. Really BoT is a bad story that does not age well, the whole plot hinges on star trek not using DNA based science.

          • Locutus

            “Balance of Terror” a bad story? Shame on you! It’s a classic.

          • Yeah, it was fine in the 60;s, but its so heavily plot holed at this point its kinda bad.

          • I’m sorry but you can’t retroactively make a classic episode ‘bad.’ The Federation seems to be aware of the Romulan’s cloaking technology in ‘Balance of Terror,’ which makes sense since they fought a war with them. The Federation had never physically interacted with Romulans, so no DNA sequencing to be done (assuming that Vulcans and Romulans have DNA, has that been established? Even if they don’t, they’d have something similar). Is there some encounter that I’m not aware of before ‘Balance of Terror’? Even the Vulcans didn’t know that the Romulans were offshoots of their species until ‘Balance of Terror,’ or, at least, most didn’t.

            The whole submarine warfare style of the confrontation was very well done and built up some good tension.

            If anything, it’s not the story that hasn’t aged well, but the production values, but that’s true of all of TOS.

            Maybe I’m missing where the plot holes are at?

          • Yeah, you can make it bad. DNA is a massive plot whole for it, you can not fight a war and never, ever have some DNA or organic tissue somewhere. any ship not blow by nukes would leave DNA, even parts blown off in space could leave traces. It is a massive , unsumountable plot hole.

            That is why the story works in the 60’s but not any time after.

        • Victorinox

          True, but what I was trying to say is that I hope they don’t show up on the screen, or at least that no Federation officer sees them.

          Officially making the Klingons get the cloaking devices from Romulans would make sense.

        • Locutus

          Isn’t it established that Kol got the cloaking tech when he secured the sarcophagus ship for himself? The sarcophagus ship seems like ancient or at least pretty old tech. To me, that suggests that in general the Klingons had no access to the tech until T’Kuvma appeared with it. It seems independent of the Romulans unless the sarcophagus ship interacted with them.

      • TUP

        It would make sense though. It could make sense without discussing them also. But an episode about cloaking technology, there is an organic way to mention the Romulans especially since the Fede3ration is banned from developing their own cloak tech due to the agreement with the Romulans.

        Im curious if they will have the Klingons develop cloak tech independent of the Romulans or if there would be any implication that they got it from them (giving consideration to the so called alliance between them during TOS).

        • Victorinox

          Ideally, Klingons should get the tech from Romulans, and somehow Romulans get Klingon ship designs (as you mention, this last piece would tie to what is mentioned in TOS “The Enterprise Incident”).

          I just don’t want Starfleet to see Romulans until Balance of Terror.

          • TUP

            I agree. WE can see Romulans. But they shouldn’t.

          • Brian_Brodrick

            That’s what Enterprise did; they let US the audience see the Romulans, but not our Starfleet and allied characters. If that is followed here, then there’s no problem whatsoever.

          • Neill Stringer

            and one of the novels stated that some of the top brass, as well as Archer and T’Pol, knew the look of the Romulans by interacting with Trip, who had been altered. They kept it from the public due to the xenophobic response to Vulcans it would cause if revealed, this was just after the Terra Prime incident so it expands n the ideas of Enterprise and ties it in with established history.

  • Fiery Little One


  • Neill Stringer

    Question, I thought the Klingons acquired cloaking technology from an alliance with the Romulans?

    • Nebula1701

      That was never stated on screen. No one knows where or when the Kligons got the cloak. Everyone in their headcanons think it was the Romulans to gave it to the Klingons and they are set on it being that way.

  • Neill Stringer

    Canon can be flexible to a point but as someone said online on facebook, there is a difference between a “oops we forgot about that” and “we don’t give a rat’s ass about that” and at times I feel the latter is true of some of the producers of DSC. I am afraid to comment more because I will be called a hater, which is not true.

    This is NOT true, I love all of Star Trek and I really want to love Discovery as much as the other shows, unfortunately they are trying to make it more akin to something like GOT and taking out the hope that Trek was all about.

    None of the characters are very likeable to m. Lorca is an interesting character, but he is very un-Starfleet. Burnham is a character who makes Tuvok seem more warm and social. The new Kllingons are not a design I am not enamoured with, I also feel the actors are not able to emote as well and sometimes struggling with the Klingonese through the teeth.

    There are also characters who are always there but we have not gotten their names yet, and therefore unlike the other shows I don’t really care for them. Saru has the potential to be the Spock or Data function but he is not there yet. Stamets is getting to be more likeable but is he getting too trippy, though better being trippy than evolving into a Salamander.

    Mudd is fun but he is too much a departure from Roger C. Carmel’s loveable rogue who was more of a nuisance and more about the best scheme and not a killer. Also I felt that his second episode was a rehash of a much better TNG episode “Cause and Effect” and a plan so bonkers at times, that I feel it was worthy of The Master on Doctor Who. A vllain who often had grand schemes but overlooked the flaws and the simple things of the plan.

    The staff know the tropes of Star Trek well, but I sometimes feel they don’t understand the heart of the show.

    Saying that the show does have some promise and its clear that some of the people on the show know Trek, even if the producers don’t, therefore I am still watching to see how it pans out.

    Also in regards to canon nods, saying a D7 Klingon Cruiser is locking on and show an updated version of Matt Jeffries design from TOS would have been a better canon nod than a Gorn Skeleton, and would also server more to the plot also.