Star Trek: Discovery composer Jeff Russo has gotten a lot of praise for his score for the series, and many soundtrack aficionados among the Trek fan community have been wondering if we’ll get his Discovery music available for purchase: and that answer is yes.

Responding to a few fans on Twitter over the past few weeks, Russo has confirmed that his Discovery score will be released sometime in the future, though no specific record label or release timetable has been specified.

Here at TrekCore we’re certainly part of the we-love-soundtracks crowd, so check back for more news on the first Star Trek: Discovery soundtrack release as more information becomes available!

  • Frank Pepito

    Yea! It’ll be interesting to learn which label it’s on. My first thought is La La Land. I wouldn’t mind an autographed copy. Ironically tho’, I’m so caught up in the drama in each episode, I don’t really hear his underscore in any of the episodes! Since the last episode, I’ve been tiding myself over by playing Cliff Eidelman’s unused material for the show when he was working with Bryan Fuller. Found his EP of them on Spotify, titled “Into the Unknown.”

  • JaJa Vier

    I really didn’t like the main theme, but the rest of the score sounded pretty cool on the show. I can’t wait.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Compared to the Enterprise main theme, this is like Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.

      • Neill Stringer

        I prefer Enterprise’s theme, the theme and the music of Discovery I can barely recall. It is so unremarkable.

        • TG1701

          Same. Its not good at all.

    • Bjoernar Dohm

      Same here.

  • kadajawi

    Has he gotten praise? I mean, the score isn’t particularly memorable. Most of the time I don’t even notice it. Which is fine, anything more notable might distract, and we’re past those days. It wouldn’t fit on a modern show. However I don’t know if I’d want to listen to it by itself.

    In comparison (here we go again…) the Orville soundtrack is much more interesting. It’s melodic, prominent, beautiful. It wouldn’t work on Discovery, but thankfully it does on Orville.

    • Victorinox

      I yearn for the day when I read a Star Trek related article without finding someone talking about a completely unrelated show called Orville…

      It is a fine show, but why do people feel the need to talk about it in every… single… article. Can’t they talk about it on Orville websites?

    • Neill Stringer

      Orville’s score is very reminiscent of Ron Jones work on Trek, and at first I thought it was because he did music for Family Guy. I can hum The Orville’s theme, like I can with all the other Trek scores but I think Discovery’s is not as memorable.

  • Vger64

    I would get it for sure. Most folks don’t really hear the score during the show so it’s so nice to have all by it’s self in full glory. I am actually listening to Ron Jones right now one of my All time favorite Trek composers!!!

  • Donny Pearson

    Can’t wait to buy that score album!

  • Norgaard
  • MrSparkle

    The main theme reminds me of Westworld. Very bland. Needs a new theme song.

  • TG1701

    Main theme simply sucks. I prefer Enterprise over this one. But the episodes as a whole is decent.