Previously available only as a full-series commitment, FanSets’ unique Star Trek: Discovery “Episode Pins” can now be obtained as individual purchases, for fans who only may want a handful of the ongoing releases.

Each individual pin is up for sale for $15 each (with the larger “Vulcan Hello” pin at $20), which is certainly a relief to those of you who were concerned about the subscription price point.

If you still want to nab the entire collection – including those not yet revealed for the second half of Discovery‘s first season – you can still sign up for a subscription for $225, though the “Season Pass” Starfleet Command pin will no longer be included.

*   *   *

If you haven’t entered yet, there’s still one more day to win a framed Star Trek: The Next Generation pin set — and stay tuned for another exciting giveaway from our friends at FanSets in the coming weeks, celebrating another upcoming Star Trek anniversary!