We’ve still got a few weeks to go until Star Trek: Discovery returns for the final half of its first season, but today CBS rolled out the names of the last six episodes of the year for us to ponder over in the meantime!

We already knew about “Despite Yourself,” the title to episode 10, but here are all the new ones revealed today.

No idea yet as to what these titles refer to, but we’ll certainly have a better idea when Star Trek: Discovery returns on January 7.

In addition, IGN released four exclusive “Chapter 2” posters, featuring Burnham, Saru, Lorca, and the not-seen-for-some-time Voq, in striking black-and-white poses.

Novel #1:
"Desperate Hours"

Novel #2:
"Drastic Measures"

Novel #3:
"Fear Itself"

  • Fiery Little One

    Interesting and vague.

  • Robinette Broadhead

    Fourteen Things Wrong with DISCOVERY and a Plea to PLEASE FIX!

    I’m watching the show and enjoying parts of it. I could go on for a bit here about what I’m enjoying (the visuals, the actors, characters, the score,) but there is A LOT wrong. I want to point some out here. I hope the producers read this. They really need to adjust, and adjust fast. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the show. I will keep watching, for a while anyway. But a part of me is watching simply because I’ve missed Trek on TV and don’t want it to go away again. But I’m getting worried. I know my below list makes me look like I hate the show … but it is constructive criticism for the producers:

    1. There is no cohesive storyline. This was sold as a continuing story for 15 episodes. Instead we’re getting standalones of varying quality. Each episode seems to be vastly different in tone and style. We were told the season was about the Klingons, that we’d learn so much more about them that we never knew. This is clearly false. The Klingons are a tool only to tell Michael’s story, only to get her on Discovery. This isn’t such a bad thing, but the Klingons aren’t even good villains in this series. They are drones. They aren’t good foils. And worse — they aren’t fun to watch.

    2. It was sold as a show that would be on a production level like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc. It’s nowhere near that level. Just check out those shows as comparison and you’ll notice a vast difference in quality. Or Mindhunter and Stranger Things. Discovery isn’t even in the same league.

    3. Uneven directing. Some is just plain bad. The second-last episode before the mid-season finale had a clearly unrehearsed fight between Saru and Michael. It was amateur. The scene of Saru running on the ridge was clearly sped up and beyond fake. It was laughable, really. The producers want to compare this with a top-level netflix original?

    4. Production values are poor. And I say this knowing they spent millions of dollars on the sets. The sarcophagus ship was a large set, intricately constructed and well-designed. And yet the lighting made the thing look cheap and fake, especially in the most recent episode. Every corner was lit harshly. Perhaps a new lighting designer might help … ? Engineering is also cheap and low budget. The whole thing consists of two standing panels, some spore containers on the wall and a glass box. Really? That’s what you come up with?

    5. The Klingons. I don’t know anyone who likes them or is a fan. Everyone I speak with hates them. Why make them speak Klingonese? It’s painful to watch them. The actors spend more time trying to make sure they are getting the words right than they are *acting* the scene. Please just have aliens speak english on the show, and let the actors act! The Klingons on TOS may have looked ridiculous, but at least they were acting their parts. They had pinache! Style! They were fun to watch and fun to hate. These Klingons are vanilla.

    6. The spore drive is a concept that stretches suspension of disbelief. Why use technology so outlandish? I do like the originality — the producers really swung for the fences — but it’s too difficult to buy.

    7. The tardigarde was painful to watch. The CGI was incredibly cheap. When we saw the needles go into the tardigarde and realized what it was for, it felt like a “jump the shark” moment for Trek. And it was only 4 episodes in. Please, producers, use technology sparingly, don’t get bogged down with it, but what technology you do use has to be rooted in reality, otherwise people just won’t buy it.

    8. Bad f/x. There are some wondrous visuals, but these fade from memory when confronted with bad f/x, particularly shots of people in small craft outside the ship. Shuttles for instance. The shots of Lorca and Tyler in the stolen ship, evading weapons-fire, were amateur. It was embarrassing to be honest. Please. You’re spending 8 million an episode. If you can’t pull off a shot like that, don’t include it. The final shot of the mid-season finale showed a … field of debris? It was too muddy to make out. I’m watching on a 65″ high def, and I couldn’t see what it was.

    9. Timeline (Canon) Errors. The tech is superior in almost every way to every Trek we’ve seen. There are cloaking devices 10 years before we’re supposed to see them for the first time (used by the Romulans.) There’s a holodock on Discovery. Heads-Up Displays and intra-ship beaming. Holographic communications, and faster-than-light ones at that. The costumes are nothing like Trek. This is taking place during the episode “The Cage,” right? And they’re wearing these uniforms? Which brings me to …

    10. The uniforms are cheap, flimsy, terrible.

    11. The writing. The verdict is … okay. They’re doing okay so far, but there are some glaring problems. How did Harry Mudd completely disable and gain control of the ship’s computer after only 50 timeloops, each lasting only 30 minutes? How did his wife’s ship arrive only 2 minutes after it was contacted? In the most recent episode, how did the Enterprise detect a “cloaked vessel approaching the system” before they’d beamed anyone aboard it? And isn’t beaming someone aboard with a tracking device pretty damn obvious??? The admiral said they had their most brilliant minds working on a way to defeat the cloak. It took Saru and Michael less than ten minutes to devise a solution. What is the purpose of the “torchbearer?” Michael killed him, and so the Klingons had to choose another. I guess maybe I missed this piece … but it brings me back to the whole storyline with the Klingons. I just don’t care to go back and find out, and there isn’t enough backstory and character development among them to make them remotely interesting.

    12. This really seems like it’s in the Kelvin Timeline. It would explain the advances in technology. The producers have come out and said it’s not in the Kelvin Timeline, however. This doesn’t make sense — it would solve the continuity problems they’re creating, and these are compounding with every episode.

    13. Why swear in the show? Now families can’t watch it. Little kids can’t see it. Why cut out a whole segment of their viewership, now as well in the years to come? It just makes no sense.

    14. More on swearing: If you’re going to do it, at least give it a point in the scene. One that makes sense, like when Hawkeye said “Son of a Bitch” on M.A.S.H. for the first time on network TV. It was an emotional scene and it resonated. There was meaning behind it, and people understood. I’m sorry about this one, but the use of profanity in this series is just gratuitous and plain stupid. If you want to have the characters swear, put them in a situation that warrants it! Have them stressed and fighting for their lives. Have them in a fight they might not win. But so far in Discovery it just makes no sense.

    I know it seems from that list that I hate the show. I don’t. I just want it to be better. I want the stories to be better. I want the ongoing mythology to be better. I need better villains. I need a point to this whole show. It is too late to salvage Season 1, but perhaps they can save Season 2. I really want this show to work. And I’m sorry that I came across as too negative. I want this to be constructive. I do like a lot of the show. The score in particular, and some of the visuals are beautiful. The inclusive atmosphere is welcome. Michael, Lorca, Tilly, Saru and Tyler are great. Stamets has grown on me. He was particularly great in the timeloop episode. He should adopt that ‘exasperated and frustrated’ comedy touch more often. But the plots, directing, and continuity needs to improve on Discovery. It seems as though the producers are being disrespectful of everything that Trek has already done. Enterprise improved dramatically in the final season … but by then it was too late. Discovery needs to start making adjustments ASAP.

    • IsSkeptical

      Your suggestions are opinions. Please don’t ask the producers to change Star Trek to what YOU want to see.

      • Vortex

        Point is, its nothing like Star Trek, its a mock up, what made Star Trek had already been built up over 50+ years. Everyone understood visuals and various things would have to be bent to a degree for modern audiences but this is just so disappointing.

        • prometheus59650

          Do you get paid to be a gatekeeper?

          You don’t decide for anyone but you what Star Trek is.

          • Robinette Broadhead

            Is that meant for me, Prom? You’re right, I am only deciding for myself. I am hoping the show gets better. I really want it to succeed.

        • pittrek

          The sad thing is that The Orville, which was promoted as a Star Trek parody is a much better Star Trek than the actual Star Trek

      • Robinette Broadhead

        Of course it’s all my opinion. TPTB can take it or leave it. It doesn’t matter. I’ll watch for a bit longer. Then I’ll give up, unless it’s repaired.

        IsSkeptical … are you saying you don’t agree with any of my points? Not one?

        I did state that I am enjoying aspects of the show. But they need a course correction asap. And yes, that’s just my opinion.

        BTW — have you wondered why the saucer spins? Is there any point to that? Or is it just something a producer said, “HEY! That would look so cool! Let’s do it!” Because it doesn’t make sense either. The ship would not have been designed or built to do that. And my point is, the bulk of the show is like that. It’s people who are in charge doing things just for the sake of doing them. There’s no rhyme or reason, there’s little thought to details like that, and they are ignoring continuity because they just don’t care. If they wanted to ignore continuity, they could have done a show post TNG. They didn’t, and now they are faced with these probing questions from fans. And you know what? They can’t answer them.

        I remember well when TPTB created ENTERPRISE. They created this villain named “Future Guy.” But it was revealed in later years that they never had any idea who it was or what they had in mind for him. That’s a massive problem. No foresight to the show. And I fear DISCOVERY is going down this same path. They need to invest thought into these things, ground them in reality, invest in the character development, and pay attention to the things fans are saying.

        I simply can’t believe that you can’t see a single thing in my list that you agree with. Listen — fan feedback is important for producers. I don’t hate the show. I want it to succeed.

        • pittrek

          Didn’t Braga say that even though they didn’t officially decide who is Future Guy, in his mind it wa always Archer from an alternate future?

          • Robinette Broadhead

            Actually, Braga never knew. They pitched the final episode to William Shatner and asked him to play Kirk as “Future Guy!” Meaning Kirk was the one sending the messages into the past and directing the temporal cold war! Did you know that? Shatner turned them down. Braga had a few options, but never knew and it really turned out badly for the show. I’m shocked that Paramount allowed them to move forward with the show despite them not thinking out the plot of the overall series first.

        • reddkryten

          One small point, I thought the saucer spinning was a nice and somewhat logical choice.

          The Discovery is an experimental ship based on Stamets’ designs. To be economical, you don’t want to redesign the fundamental architecture of a starship, so you take an old reliable frame like the B-24-CLN starship. Then add the experimental components. So it’s a normal warp ship at the back and spore drive at the front.
          The spinning presumably controls the final destination.

          • Robinette Broadhead

            That’s possible. It has never been explained. I don’t think the producers really know.

    • Vortex

      Spot on^^^ Discovery is an utter joke, it find it beggars belief that people complained that the NX-01 in Star Trek Enterprise looked like an Akira, yet the Discovery which is ugly and fugly is fine. The Klingon’s are such an embarrassment and the list can go on, its Star Trek’s loss that it did not take the approach Star Wars did to their new recent highly successful movies which respected Star Wars canon rather than doing what was done with trek, totally walking over canon (which can be bent including the visuals to a degree).

      • Vaughn Bang

        “canon” in ST has always been a joke. Besides, if we listened to just the older fans we would have crappy string and cardboard sets and pajama uniforms. No thanks, TOS is the problem with canon, remove TOS and most of trek makes sense.

        • prometheus59650

          TOS is the alternate timeline to begin with. Both TNG and VOY contradict it.

          • Snap

            Well, TNG contradicts iself and DS9 contradicts TNG and VOY contradicts TNG, so if TOS is an alternate timeline because future series contradict it, then every Trek series is its own alternate timeline.

            TNG where The Traveler is identified as coming from Tau Alpha C only to have it called “Tau Ceti” in a future episode.

            There’s also the issue about O’Brien’s rank while on board the Enterprise. His rank pips identified him as a lieutenant, though he was typically addressed as “Chief” much like Deanna Troi was with “Counselor” and then later addressed as a “Chief Petty Officer,” a non-com who shouldn’t have the traditional rank pips at all.

            DS9 dramatically reinvented the Trill, not only in their general appearance but also in the relationship between host and symbiont. The TNG Trill were literally humanoid hosts whose personalities were supplanted by that of the symbiont, while the DS9 reinvention eliminated the ridges, potentially added the spots (were they present in the TNG version? I cannot find corroborating images), reduced the size of the symbiont and made the joining a melding of personalities between host and symbiont. The host also retained their given names, with their family name replaced by the name of the symbiont.

            DS9 also contradicted on screen depictions of TOS during “Trials and Tribbleations” having the Enterprise constantly orbiting around Deep Space Station K-7 whereas in the actual episode, the Enterprise was at station keeping, clearly visible as such from Mr. Lurry’s office.

            Voyager muddied how much knowledge the Federation had of the Borg prior to their first contact. When first encountering the Borg, Picard needed Guinan to identify the Borg cube and that they were called “Borg.” In voyager, The Hansens have a screen accurate model of a Borg cube, which young Annika had a tendency to play with. They also knew that they were called “Borg” but nothing else about them.

            Voyager also had the rather interpretation of “transwarp” which they couldn’t even maintain consistency within the confines of their own series. There are no fewer than three depictions of transwarp in the series, but the most ludicrous is the one which they claim is what happens when you surpass warp 10. Voyager’s top speed was warp 9.975 which, if the ship could maintain it, would have returned them home in 70+ years. Just bump it up a fraction of a percent so it is “Warp 10” and apparently it would be so fast that it would exist everywhere in the universe simultaneously while having the unfortunate side effect of “evolving” humans into giant amphibian-like creatures who can apparently procreate within a matter of days.

            This clearly contradicts Voyager’s own depiction of the Voth’s transwarp technology, the Borg’s transwearp conduits as well as the incident in TNG where the Traveler’s momentary lapse of concentration pushed the Enterprise past warp 10 and through several galaxies before arriving at what they hypothesized to be the “outer rim” of the universe.

            Enterprise also contradicts TOS by having the capability of visual communications, as the negotiation of the treaty between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire was conducted over radio.

            So, Trek invariably contradicts Trek and it’s not exclusive to contradicting other series. It’s Trek’s own Kobayashi Maru, with technology advancing far more quickly than they could have predicted at the time.

            Sorry for writing War & Peace. I seriously thought it would have been shorter.

        • Vortex

          Discovery is way outta wack with canon, far more than any other series after TOS were.

          • Robinette Broadhead

            And it takes place *before* TOS. That’s my point. They should have set this after TNG.

          • Vortex

            In every poll conducted the majority of fans have wanted a Post Nemesis canon trek series, not this shite. after all, thats how star trek evolved with the times, by going through the centurys

          • Robinette Broadhead

            Well, I’m not calling it “shite.” I’m asking for changes to improve it. I hope it can get better. They need a strong producer who is a fan of Trek and wants to tell character stories amidst galactic intrigue. Someone who will create a show that fits smoothly into its place in the years just before TOS. What is going on here is just poor management … it’s not being thought out.

            As I mentioned above, if they had said it was the Kelvin timeline, it would have made a little more sense.

            There are still the massive problems with the Klingons, the directing, the lighting, the writing, the lack of logic, etc. etc. etc. So many areas need to be addressed.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            In every poll conducted, huh? Care to share, oh I don’t know? Five?

          • Kevin Attwood

            As I said, DON”T WATCH IT! You clearly don’t like it so why waste you time being so negative. Move on.

          • Your Worst Nightmare

            Um, I like Discovery. Clearly this reply was in the wrong place?

        • Robinette Broadhead

          There’s nothing wrong with updating effects, displays, controls etc. But blatantly changing continuity with intraship beaming, cloaking shields on Klingon ships 10 years before TOS, etc. etc. etc. is just insulting fans. We deserve better, don’t we?

          • Vortex

            We do^ but the kurtzman lovers would have us believe otherwise

          • TG1701

            Set it after Voyager and your problem is solved. I don’t understand why this show is set before TOS? It doesn’t even seem like that timeline is impoartant in this show at all. And its not because they changed everything to remind you its even in the same period, even completely changing the costumes. Why not set it after Voyager and the ship, effects, uniforms, everything can be as different as you want it to be if it came 30 years after that show.

            Its kind of stupid to have it in this period.

          • Snap

            I do not recall the episode offhand, but I believe there IS an episode in TOS which features a site-to-site transport on the Enterprise. I will certainly defend the right to criticise any of the series for their faults, and many are subjective to the viewer, but when we criticise we must be as accurate as possible.

          • Robinette Broadhead

            You may be right. It may have been Day of the Dove, when the Klingons were on board the Enterprise, fighting with Kirk and crew, and there was an alien being watching and enjoying the emotions of rage and anger. However, if memory serves, they had never performed an intraship beaming before — and Discovery is set 10 years before this. Therefore I think I am being accurate when I offer this as constructive criticism for the producers. It’s too late to change this point now, however. The damage has already been done.

          • Snap

            That does sound plausible, it may have indeed been “Day of the Dove” and I think the reason it stands out is because it was such a unique instance. So, we know it is possible with the technology of the era, where Kirk utilized it only when he had no other option.

            I’d almost liken it to McCoy’s dislike of transporters. We see him transport countless times through-out TOS but, suddenly, in TMP he has to be ordered to use the transporter before he would travel in such a manner. Of course, given what had just happened with the Enterprise’s transporter, I would be more than a bit wary to use it until I could see for myself that it was safe. But the dislike was carried on to the premiere of TNG, after more movies of transporting without incident.

            I’ll read through your thread later, when I get a chance.

          • A_Warrior_of_Marley

            It was Day of the Dove.

            KIRK: We can’t get through the Klingon defenses in time, unless. Spock. Intra-ship beaming from one section to another. It’s possible?
            SPOCK: It has rarely been done because of the danger involved. Pinpoint accuracy is required. If the transportee should materialize inside a solid object, a deck or wall.
            SCOTT: Even if it could work, she may be leading you into a trap.
            KIRK: We’re all in a trap. This is the only way out.

            This was not the first time done, but was rare.

          • Robinette Broadhead

            My point was that in DISCOVERY it’s no big deal. However, ten years later in TOS it was still rare and there were dangers associated with it. That’s a big contradiction — the producers don’t seem to care about this sort of thing. There’s a distinct lack of detail in the writing — and perhaps a lack of respect toward the fans.

      • Kevin Attwood

        Don’t watch it then. I like it so I will watch it.

        • Robinette Broadhead

          I agree. But I am waiting, hoping it gets better. I’m giving it a chance. Then I’ll stop watching.

      • pittrek

        I could live with the horrible makeup changes if the stories and the characters were good.

    • TG1701

      1. Agreed. I don’t mind the standalone stuff too much but you don’t really feel like they are involved in a war like the way it felt on DS9. In fact the war doesn’t feel all that compelling to begin with other than the Klingons talking among themselves about it every few episodes but seriously who gives a shit because they feel so boring and bland?

      2. I notice this show does a lot of bottle episodes which isn’t necessarily bad but yeah like I said, its suppose to be a war, so where are all the big sweeping ship battles and Federation ships spread out everywhere. They sort of did that for the pilot but the rest it feels mostly like them just hanging out on the ship and no one else really fighting outside of seeing another ship here or there. Get the guys from DS9 to show you how to do it.

      3. Some of it is pretty bad. It feels like they just don’t have enough time with some of the episodes although they have had plenty of time compared to previous shows.

      4. I think the production values are fine, but for the money they are supposedly spending on it yeah you would think they would be better. But I don’t have any big complaints with them.

      5.The Klingons are a joke. And..they..talk…like…..this, which feels annoying and tiresome to listen to. At least when they speak regular English its a bit more interesting but man all that build up to these guys and they are the worst villains since the Suliban. I just don’t care about them.

      6. The technology would at least make more sense if this was post-Nemesis. Here it just feels really out of place. They had that kind of technology for that long and it was ignored later? Yeah we get something will go wrong with and they will put it away for good but it just seems silly to have it if you are going to ignore it later.

      7. Glad that tardigrade thing was gone. Did you know they wanted that thing as part of the crew lol. THese people are on crack.

      8. Yeah some of those space shots are shit. Who are they working with? You spend all that money and yet it looks worse than stuff you got on Voyager and that was 20 years ago. That ship with Tyler and Lorca was horrible.

      9. The stuff is just way too advance for this period. Yeah it doesn’t have to look like cheap cardboard like TOS, but it looks more advanced than all the other shows by a mile. Why not put this show after Voyager? It would just make more sense and feel like it actually belongs and then they could do spore drives and hologram communication as much as they want. The ship looks nothing like any ship in this period either. All of It just takes me out of it when I have to remind myself this was during the same time as The Cage. Seriously?

      10. The uniforms look like something out of a cosplayer would make.

      11. The writing does feel uneven. Some things just feel too rushed like Burnham and Tyler. I don’t think its that bad so much as it leaves you wanting. I think the character stuff is mostly good though. Its mostly the plotting and it feels too rushed a lot and just not very compelling stories in general.

      12. It could definitely be the Kelvin timeline but let’s hope not! And it can’t be because Engineering doesn’t look like a beer factory. But yeah it would fit more in there with everything feeling more advanced and sleeker. That bridge is the size of a department store.

      13/14. I’m not bothered by the swearing. They are adults, we like to swear and shit. If they did it like a Tarantino movie (yeah, I know) then it would be different. But saying a word here and there is no big deal to me.

      But all that said Discovery is not the worst thing ever but its lacking a lot to me too. I’m going to give it throughout the first season and see where I stand with it like I did with Enterprise. I dropped that like a hot potato after one season and I’m liking that show more than this one so far because for all the problems that show had it at least felt like Star Trek. It was trying to be ‘cool’ and turn T’Pol into a sex bunny but they actually went and explored. Met strange aliens and felt like a real crew.

      The problem with Discovery is no one seems like they want to be there and it shows. I like Lorca, but he comes across too much like a dick and not a guy who inspires people like Kirk, Picard or Janeway. He just keeps shouting ‘we’re in a war idiots’. The other characters are OK but none I love so far. They just aren’t that likable. Tilly I want to toss her out of an air lock. She’s like Neelix, only human. Michael is OK but I don’t need the whole show to revolve around her. The only one I really like is Tyler and that dude may be a Klingon (which would be even more dumb but yeah).

      Anyway its Star Trek so I’m going to watch the first season no matter what but it feels like its trying to hard to be hip and cool instead of being wondrous and imaginative. Its like CBS is trying to prove its not just for the elderly and they can bring in the kids with this show but it feels like a different show entirely sometimes. But I think all Trek shows do improve, TNG, starting out the worst so there is hope yet. If this dies after 2 or 3 seasons count Trek out for another 20 years.

    • TG1701

      Uh why was my post removed???? I spent a lot of time responding to Robinetta Broadhead’s post going point by point. I spent a long time writing it just to see it gone the next day. I didn’t say anything offensive on it and basically agreed with most of his points. So why was it removed???

      Seriously this is why I type mostly on Reddit in the first place.

      • Robinette Broadhead

        I think with most websites, if you insert a link (or two — the webmaster can set this feature) then it will mark the comment as spam and not post it. I’d like to hear your thoughts, TG1701. I’m not a rabidly negative person about this. I offered some constructive criticism. I don’t hate the show. I want it to succeed! I just find it really flawed at this point.

        • TG1701

          I appreciate that. And whats annoying is I spent nearly 40 minutes last time telling you my thoughts point by point! It WAS posted too, at least for an hour. Its when I came back the next day it was gone. And I didn’t create any links. I even made sure to keep my cursing down lol. ANYTHING not to get it marked as spam. This has happened to me in the past but sadly it ONLY happens here for some bizarre reason and why I spend less time writing here. My handle is new but I had a similar one months ago. I had stopped writing here but decided to start again but couldn’t remember my password to save my life so created this one.

          Anyway I agree with your assessment overall. I want the show to succeed too but it just has a lot of problems for me, as I wrote, the main one that the story line hasn’t been too compelling, it doesn’t fit in with the TOS timeline in any real way, the Klingons are boring and it doesn’t inspire you as a Trek show as the others have done. But its not completely awful and I’m going to watch it through the first season no matter what. Hopefully in the second season it will have improved.

          God I hope THIS doesn’t get erased.

    • pittrek

      Good things on Discovery
      – some of the actors
      – visual effects

      Bad things on Discovery
      – episode titles
      – opening credits
      – ignoring the continuity despite it being a prequel
      – horrible makeup choices
      – horrible changes done only for the sake of a change
      – nobody except for Tyler and Saru has an actual character
      – horrible set design
      – horrible uniforms
      – horrible writing except for maybe 2 or 3 episodes

      – no people who actually know and understand Star Trek on board (except for Menosky and Meyer, but they are basically just consultants)

      • Robinette Broadhead

        I agree with most of your post except I don’t mind the makeup, the titles, or the opening credits.

  • SpaceCadet

    Prediction: “The Wolf Inside” refers to Voq emerging as the true personality within Tyler.

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    • Beverly

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    • Kathrine

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    • Tiarra

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    • Nowhereman10

      Even if that turns out not to be true, that’s a pretty darn good guess, and the title is possibly a callback to TOS’ “The Enemy Within” and “The Wolf in Fold”.

  • Grant Kerr

    “Will You Take My Hand?” in which Burnham loses a hand in a final batleth fight. It could happen.

    • Kevin Attwood

      Thank God – someone with a bit of humor!

    • mr joyce

      will you take my hand? the proshetic one over there with the nicely manicured fingernails 😛

    • Ben Judy

      Not quite as dramatic as Lt. Cmdr. “Will I Take My Head?” Data (Time’s Arrow.)
      But it could work.

    • Lee O.

      Sounds like an anime title. 😀

  • David Lund

    Is it star trek fans or just the internet in general, where it has now become the norm to suck the life out of everything? Not only must everyone hate everything new and different, but it seems a compulsion to drag everyone else down and try to make them hate everything too. I am so tired of the ‘my Trek is better than your trek’ games – everyone likes different things, dislikes different things, and will never agree with everyone else. Can’t we just enjoy what we each like and let other people enjoy what they like? Or has no one heard of IDIC?

    • mr joyce


      its a shame too that there is this so much misplaced sense of entitlement amongst so many fans, for a say in how the show is made when they have no input or stake in the production, apart from being a consumer of the end product. its a shame that so many peopl get worked up over a tv franchise.

    • DataMat

      It is called democracy.
      We can agree, to disagree!

      • Ian Fleming

        The internet is “whoever shouts loudest and longest, wins”. That isn’t democracy.

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  • pittrek

    Jesus, why do all of them have such stupid titles?


      How dare they use a quote from Shakespeare! Outrageous!

      • Nowhereman10

        “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”… “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, “Encounter at Farpoint”, “The Best of Both Worlds”, “In the Pale Moonlight”, etc….

        Gosh, such dumb titles, right? ;o)