As we reported earlier this month, award-winning filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is working with Paramount Pictures and producer J.J. Abrams to develop a possible Star Trek film, and today sources out of Hollywood are confirming that a scriptwriter has been chosen to bring the story to page.

Mark L. Smith (above left), best known for his work on The Revenant (nominated for Best Picture in 2015), was part of the story pitch group identified in early December and will craft the first script for this yet-unknown story, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Bad Robot and J.J. Abrams are expected to remain as producers on the film (as they have since 2009’s Trek reboot), and Tarantino is reportedly interested in directing the picture.

We’ll continue to bring the news on this developing story to you as it arrives over the next weeks and months, to keep coming back to TrekCore for the latest!

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  • Nick

    I was hoping Tarantino trek was a myth or a shady rumor….

    • madmadia85

      I dunno, it still feels like surreal to me. It’s crazy. Trek fanboys are truly something interesting to observe because after whining for years that JJ doesn’t get trek, folks are now happy about a director who has absolutely nothing to do with trek. Coherence.

      • Nowhereman10

        Nothing to do with Trek…? The guy is a lifelong Trek fan. That has to count for something.

        • madmadia85

          Have you watched his movies? Not exactly the kind of director anyone would expect being even interested about trek, and anything Gene wanted to represent humanity as in the future.
          Tarantino is either suddenly inspired to challenge himself with something very very different from the stuff he likes to do (something that may be out of his comfort zone and hard to adapt himself to), or he wants to turn trek into one of his movies regardless their integrity (the latter already suggested by the chosen writer and push for the r rating)
          After everything JJ nayers said about his movies, their support for Tarantino now is quite bizarre and contradictory.

          And being a trek fan means nothing.
          For one, past experience with trek movies already shows that, actually, the best and most successful movies weren’t made by fans. Last case in point: Justin Lin was a fanboy and his movie is the least successful of the trilogy and couldn’t replicate JJ’s success. Lin would only talk about watching trek as a kid, but he seemed uninterested about his own movie and the characters of this trek, and this is not good.
          The weakness of trek fanboys is that they tend to be stuck in the past, on nostalgia and fan service. It’s their limit, and the least thing this trek needs especially when its most praised quality was the creation of a different reality with new potential for different stories and character dynamics. Even when it comes to JJ’s movies, the weakeast one is stid: an otherwise good movie ruined by homages and fan service inserted to, ironically, placate tos fans.

          Also, let’s be real not all the fans are the same just because they like trek. That’s naive. If some fans online who complain about certain things in both discovery and JJ’s trek are any hint, the so called fans should be the least people to give reign over a modern trek iteration. If we were to listen to some guys, every trek iteration from here to the eternity would be stuck to the sexist, racism and homophobic ideals of the 60s all the while they stay preaching about trek ideals, and how loving trek apparently makes them feel intellectually superior to other fans.
          When I read some fans online they make me feel ashamed to be a trek fan too.
          It would be easy to pretend it’s all just trolls, but I know better. And I have no reason to believe, especially in a world like Hollywood, that ‘fans’ like those may be among professional writers and directors too.
          I’m disillusioned about trek fans.

          • Nowhereman10

            While most of your points are valid concerns, at least give the guy a chance and see what he comes up with first.

            I don’t care that the Tarantino wants an R-rating, if it means we get a great story out of it and as far as I’m concerned, we have seen many times on Discovery that going into mature territory yields great rewards in story and characters.

            And yeah, my experiences lately here do tend to sour me on some elements of the fandom, but I don’t condemn the whole just because of a handful of loudmouth, stuck-in-the-past jerks. I take it on a case-by-case basis.

            Also, Tarantino is great at delivering excellent movies for far, far less in budget than most producers and directors, which means that the franchise can stay afloat by delivering a great story, but not for hundreds of millions of dollars, and thus, like with Wrath of Khan over three decades ago, it can make its money back and more likely turn a real profit.

          • madmadia85

            I gave Lin&Pegg a chance in spite of having a bad feeling about them. The result? They went backwards with the reboot to placate fans with nostalgia just like I predicted. They did everything I knew they would do.
            There are so many issues with Beyond I don’t even know where to start. Of course reboot haters love it because it catered to them, so they now try to blame its failure on everything but the movie itself, in the same way they pretend that into darkness (that I have issues with too) was the flop that it wasn’t. But beyond deserves to be the least successful of the 3, it’s obvious why it couldn’t compete with other movies, they couldn’t expect more.

            Anyway, after beyond I’m not so willing to give a chance to other guys I get bad feelings about. Tarantino and, now, the writer chosen give me no reason, no hint, they’d make a good continuation of this trek and won’t alter everything. Looking at their other works, they pretty much are anti everything I love this trek, and trek in general, for. I have no reason to be hopeful or excited, unless a miracle happens and these guys suddenly become different just for trek.

          • TG1701

            I’m kind of a reboot hater but I still didn’t love this one, but yes more so than the other two. I’m invested now, what problems did you have with it? Especially if you liked the first two more (which frankly I hated but we’re all different).

          • TUP

            They didnt placate fans. They just had a bad story and not enough time to fix it. STID sucked too.

            And by the way, the difference between a Trek fan and QT is QT respects Star Trek. Bob Orci was a fanboy and how did his Trek turn out? Not so good. You’re telling me we need more Orci instead of QT because QT has made some R rated films? Orci helped write Watchmen…but I guess he wasnt able to do Trek because of it right?

          • madmadia85

            You assume I think we need Orci when I never said that. I have issues with him too. If you want to use every pretext to criticize the movies or original team go ahead, but this isn’t a fandom war between Tarantino vs Orci fans so stop derailing.

            Back on topic, I’m not sure what facts I have here to know QT respects trek more, whatever that even means (it surely may be different things depending on who you ask). He never made trek movies before, and his movies are, in many ways, the opposite of what trek is about. No doubt he may like the series, but that liking it doesn’t mean a lot in terms of also being able to make a trek movie.
            You guys criticize people for assuming, without knowing, that he’ll make a bad movie – and I get that, but you are doing the same on reverse by pushing the idea that, without doubt, he’ll make a good movie.

            At this point, and if he’s doing a sequel for the kelvin timeline, what matters to me is that whoever is hired respects this trek and its characters ,and is compelled to further develop them. I was never one to truly agree with the ‘he must be a trek fan!’ fixation some trek fans have here because I know better, and I know being a fan is no guarantee of anything.
            QT said he loved the first movie and that is more encouraging to me than him being a tos fan because he isn’t hired to do tos. However, even in that aspect I don’t know what he liked in the first movie because he didn’t elaborate.

            Anyway, right now I’m honestly more concerned about the writer. His movies are different from both the reboot and QT movies so I can’t reconcile with the choice.

          • TUP

            Who’s derailing? The people pushing false ideas about QT films.

            Knowledge of the source material is important. JJ had none. He admitted as much. He said he was a Star Wars fan. Its pretty clear he felt he could “fix” Star Trek by making it more like Star Wars.

            Bob Orci was the Trek guru but STID was so bad its clear no one else felt comfortable challenging that notion. So I agree about the “fan” thing…because obviously, people assumed Bob knew what he was doing.

            What QT has said in his limited remarks indicate someone who respects Star Trek. That doesnt mean he’ll make a good film.

            But those of us defending QT arent guaranteeing he makes a great film. We’re simply taking exception to the chicken littles who are assuming he’ll make a bad one.

          • TUP

            Everything you just said was wrong.

            Have you watched any of QT’s films? What is about them that seems to lack integrity or not fit for Star Trek? This incorrect notion that QT is a one trick pony of violence and gore is so wrong, its hilarious.

            Watch Pulp Fiction (the film I consider to be his best). Tell me how violent is it. Most of “kill” scenes happen off camera. We dont even see them! It scenes where we do see guys get shot, the guns dont appear “working” (no smoke, no shells). He purposely avoids the violence for dramatic effect. Because its about the characters and what they are saying.

            That whole movie is people talking and interacting. His shots linger on the faces of the characters to focus us on their words. He uses music and lighting to set the mood for the viewers. There are scenes of silence, of dancing, of characters standing still doing nothing. Its all about the story being told.

            QT is EXACTLY what Star Trek needs. Blowing shit up is EASY. Telling a great story is the hard part it seems.

          • madmadia85

            It is obvious you are a biased QT fan and thus lacking objectivity when it comes to people’s concerns. But the thing is, I’m not interested about having arguments with his fans who get defensive because the point here, obvioustly, isn’t liking Tarantino or not but whatever he’s a good choice for this trek. And for me, with what I have so far, he isnt the kind of director anyone would expect them to hire for this trek.
            Perhaps you don’t care about this trek one way or another so you can’t share our concerns, even less when you love Tarantino so much, but I’m just a reboot fan who, I think, is rightfully worried about who they might hire to make a sequel of the thing I actually like and care about.
            You aren’t really reassuring people like me by giving us a different perspective. You are just telling us that the first movies suck for you and we gotta trust and love Tarantino or we are ‘wrong’ and silly.

          • TUP

            What are you smoking? Of course you claim you’re not interested in “arguing” because you cant support your position.

            You have an Anti-QT bias. I dont love all his films at all. But you have not presented one shred of relevant or rational information to support your notion that he’s the wrong kind of writer/director for Star Trek.

            Why, because he’s good?

            I liked 2009. It didnt suck. It had its moments. STID was awful. Beyond was okay. So dont put words in my mouth.

            If you think a QT film is going to suck, then yes, you are wrong because it hasnt happened yet so the worrying and whining is very premature.

            What Im saying is, the things QT does really well are elements missing from these Star Trek films, namely great dialogue, great characters, atmosphere, tension and drama.

            If you think he doesnt do those things really, really well, again, you’re wrong. Its that simple. You dont have to like all his films (I dont). But he’s an acclaimed and accomplished writer and director for a reason.

          • madmadia85

            Again, if you are attempting to make me feel optimistic it’s just hopeless. You don’t like these movies but I do, and I may thus not wish them to destroy everything that was already done, like you seem to wish Tarantino will do. Our wishes are different, so your ideas about Tarantino might fail to be encouraging for me, or anyone who honestly likes these movies. Unless you are that condescending you want to tell us we should be happy if someone ruins, from our perspective, the thing we like. But it must not even compute to you that many genuinely like these movies and don’t need Tarantino or anyone to fix them the way you wish.
            The more people like you are happy about the news, the more I think reboot fans should be concerned..

            “What are you smoking? Of course you claim you’re not interested in “arguing” because you cant support your position.”

            I already supported my position plenty anyway. But, clearly, since I’m not doing that according to your own standards and using your ‘style’ it doesn’t count. .

            “You have an Anti-QT bias. ”
            I have no agenda against Tarantino, if you think that you are the one wrong and completely missing the point.
            I just don’t think he makes sense as a choice for this trek and I, and others, expressed rather legit concerns why, as a fan of this series, I feel trepidation and puzzlement over the current news. You seem unable to accept that, and are acting like typical fanboy getting defensive and attacking everyone who isn’t as happy about the news as you are.

          • TUP

            You’re not even trying. You’re being dishonest.

            I didnt say I didnt like the films. I said I did like 2009, thought STID was terrible (it had the bones of a great idea though, as I have said repeatedly) and Beyond was enjoyable.

            Again, you’ve given not one rational shred of evidence to support your feeling that QT is wrong for Star Trek. All anyone says is how violent and bloody his films are. I’ve already explained how that is NOT true.

            Saying QT is wrong for Trek based on his past work would be like saying JJ and/or Orci were wrong for Trek based on their past work. What’s the difference?

            You can tout this feeling about QT but it means nothing because you havent articulated any reason for it.

            I have. You can look at QT’s work from films like Pulp Fiction were are mostly a collection of talking scenes with little real violence to his more violent films (Kill Bill was magnificent). You can look at his work on CSI or Crimson Tide.

            But the one consistent aspect to his work is the things he does very well are exactly what Star Trek fans have wanted for a long time.

  • Thomas Elkins

    I’m kind of excited for this, but I hope it’s not another reboot. Another Kelvin Timeline film would be preferable, because I’d rather they commit to building that universe and not hitting the rest button yet again.

    • Shadowknight1

      Completely agree.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      In addition to not taking a rest this time, I also hope that they don’t set the re-set button on the Kelvin universe.

      • RMS_Titanic

        Agreed. There may be some elements we don’t like, but that doesn’t mean you throw everything out, especially after all that’s been invested in it.

        • TUP

          Whats been invested? How many people outside of hardcore fans get the difference? A lot more has been invested in 50+ years of “Prime” Trek. I have no issue with them telling a Prime Trek story.

    • TG1701

      I’m really hoping they do reset it but my guess is they won’t. Especially if Abrams is the one producing. I think he would see it as an insult that his universe isn’t good enough if someone came in and wanted to dump it for something completely new.

      And I’m willing to see that they can maybe get it right with another film. While Beyond was kind of a bore with no real hype behind it it actually did feel like a Trek story. At least a TOS one.

  • Brian Benton

    I’m not sure what to think of this. I guess we’ll just have to see how this will turn out.

    • Mikassa

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  • SpaceCadet

    While the Tarantino thing is certainly interesting, I think it’s much important what the story is about and that it’s good.

    • TUP

      QT is the man for the job. Every syllable uttered by his characters, every lighting choice, every piece of music in a scene is carefully crafted. Watching Pulp Fiction again last week made me realise how freaking good he really is.

  • Tarantino doesn’t skimp on story, characters, or visuals. I think this could be something special.

    • Terry

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  • Trent
  • Havenbull

    At first you had my curiosity…now you have my attention.

    • Mary

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    • Janet

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    • Lola

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  • Locutus

    While Tarantino might seem like an odd fit for Star Trek, he is one of the most talented directors out there. They knew fans would have there doubts, so the fact that they still went with Tarantino suggests to me he has a very clear vision of what he is doing.

    The Revenant is an excellent movie, and Matt Smith did an excellent job adapting the novel. It does make me wonder if we are going to see an “adaptation” of an existing story. Nonetheless, I am excited about this. There are some many directions they could be going with it!

    • Gionaa

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  • Donny Pearson

    Cool! Let’s hope the 14th “Star Trek” motion picture–the first to get an R rating in the United States of America–would brining together the post-“Beyond” Kelvin Timeline and the post-“Nemesis” prime timeline.

    • TG1701

      That would be interesting. Certainly get people excited.

  • TG1701

    While I think the JJ verse movies are shitty maybe Tarantino will give it a shot in the arm that it needs and deliver something different. I’m hoping its an all new crew and ship but my guess is it will be another Kelvin movie. I can see a lot of Trekkies not happy with this though, especially if its R rated. I don’t really care about that as long as we get a good movie if it actually happens.

  • Matthew

    I’ll go ahead and hope for the super movie: all casts/crews open to being together. And hopefully, we can reconcile the kelvin and prime timelines in EPIC way. It could be awesome.

  • Newdivide1701

    We know a more mature Star Trek can work. Look at Discovery after all.

    As well we’ve seen some pretty R-rated crap from Star Trek.

    Remember Commander Remmick’s head exploding on Conspiracy? John Doe literally having have his face missing where we saw his teeth, his skull and his brain on Transfigurations. Tom Paris picking up a Hirgoen’s head on Prey.

    Plus the one union soldier running Wesley Crusher through on Hide and Q.

    Imagine if they kept Klingon blood red on Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country, or seeing Khan crush Marcus’s skull on Star Trek Into Darkness.

    Anyways Tarantino has quite a reputation — a good one. I’ve seen a couple of his movies and I thought they were quite interesting. Even with the claim that Star Trek is suppose to be thought provoking, it’s about as much character more than anything else where it doesn’t need to be an after school special. Look at Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, after all.

    But any after school special that Star Trek is suppose to have if it doesn’t have the character. The many reasons why Nemesis failed so badly.

    • Neill Stringer

      The adult r rated Klingon nudity and F bombs are among reasons I have given up on Discovery.

      • TG1701

        Wasn’t it just two times they said that though? And the nudity was like a split second. You can’t handle that? How do you stay on the internet?

        • RMS_Titanic

          I would’ve have hated it if any of it had been done for no reason other than simple gratuity, but it clearly was not as one of the most remarkable things about the story thus far in Discovery and surprisingly enough, truly progressive, is that the nudity was done as part of the post traumatic stress disorder that Ash Tyler was suffering from as a result of him having been raped by L’Rell. The way it was handled was deliberately made as unsexy and disgusting as possible and no one blamed Tyler or tried to make what happened to him into a joke.

          • TG1701

            Great points. I’m really not in love with the story line so far but the Tyller subplot is one that is being handled extremely well and one of the few characters I can say I like from the onset.

          • Gionaa

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          • TUP

            Exactly. Too many people are so shallow when forming an opinion. Like apply some critical thinking.

            For example, thinking all QT can do is violence. Its hilarious, these people have never seen a QT film.

      • GhostLoveScore

        I regret that I paid 7 euros for a month to watch it. Not because I am cheap, but because I supported it. Acting is the worst in Star Trek so far, stories are the worst and writing doesn’t make any sense.
        F words, nudity, raping, torture, blood splashing, brains on the floor, officers calling people garbage, intolerance between crew, fights like in high school movie, betrayal… This is not what star trek is about.

      • TUP

        hahahahaha That brief glimpse of fake breasts did you in? lol

        I dont know about you, but when Im in bed with a woman, she’s generally topless. So the issue here is that Discovery is realistic? Oh darn

    • TG1701

      Yeah an R rated Trek can certainly exist. And yes on every show there has been some hardcore graphic scenes for sure. So i don’t think thats really an issue.

      And frankly they need Tarantino or someone who can make the fans care about these films again. The Kelvin films will be forgotten in no time as the fans are moving on with Discovery and the prime universe again. Thats not perfect either but it does feel like Star Trek again. I think since fans basically dropped the Kelvin films after STID they have to get people excited about the possibilities. Tarantino might make an extremely shitty film but it will at least get people talking…for a little while at least.

      Honestly I really hope they discard the JJ verse and start fresh again. I don’t think that will happen though so I hope they really get this one right. And my guess is if Tarantino and Smith decide not to do it the movie will just fall into another black hole as it has since Beyond flopped. So I think everyone should have their fingers crossed.

    • madmadia85

      I think it isn’t the r rating the issue, it’s Tarantino r rating and what it means with him.
      If the next movie was like discovery, I wouldn’t have issues.

      However, the rating also isn’t a great idea, if this a continuation of the current reboot, because they might alienate a big part of the audience that watched the first movies and would likely be interested about a new one too.

      While these movies aren’t family movies, they still are family friendly and you still have many kids in the audience who love the characters. All the little guys dressed as Spock, Uhura or Kirk … why alienate these little fans and/or people who don’t like watching Tarantino movies for some of their content? Begs the question if it’s necessary and worth it. For me it isn’t.

      • TG1701

        Because Paramount is probably willing to bet they will get more Tarantino fans to watch this more than the families who do come. And lets be honest the Kelvin films aren’t Harry Potter or Marvel, the fanbase skews older. I was at the Beyond premiere and we could count the number of kids under 10 we saw. Its also a reason why you don’t see toys with these characters, because the films doesn’t draw much of that audience to care.

        In other words this demographic just isn’t that important to this franchise. They probably want teenagers but most teenagers have been use to this stuff forever now.

        OR maybe they will just reboot it completely and go a different direction. It would make sense IF Tarantino is really planning on sticking around and create something bigger out of it like Abrams did. But I don’t see that happening. I see it as a one and done and if thats the case they will probably focus on the cast they have now instead trying to reinvent the wheel…sadly.

        • madmadia85

          I doubt the audience who watches Tarantino’s movies would be interested about trek, necessarily. In either case, Paramount wants to make millions like marvel and Disney, and alienating families and reboot fans in order to get Tarantino’s fans isn’t a good idea. His movies make around the same money beyond made, he isn’t a franchise guy like JJ or Cameron who make millions..billions.

          • TG1701

            But thats the point. They tried that route and failed. The JJ movies were trying to be Star Wars. Beyond felt like Guardians of the Galaxy. All that did was alienate the few hardcore fans left for it.

            And my guess with Tarantino they will simply make a lower budget film, like around $100 million. Its definitely not going to be as absurd as STID and Beyond was thats for sure. They probably want to make it a smaller affair but get him onboard to drive up interest. Star Trek is a solid franchise but its never going to be as big as those others as JJ tried his best to turn into but it never happened. So go a different direction and aim for a different audience. Maybe it will be a more mature sci fi film as well.

          • madmadia85

            failed? JJ’s movies are among the most successful movies of this franchise as a whole, if not the most successful.

            If anything, it’s precisely when they tried to placate the vocal minority of hardcore trek fans who didn’t like these movies that they failed (e.g., Beyond is the least successful and coincidentally, it’s the movie that catered to tos purists and reboot haters the most)

          • TG1701

            They are also the most expensive, by a huge margin. The money they spent on these movies is the same money Marvel spends on theirs and yet they make maybe a fraction of what those make. Thats the problem, they were hoping all the money and marketing they were rolling out for these films would translate to $500+ million box office and that hasn’t happened. I don’t think it ever will. Thats why they got the guy from Fast and Furious to bring what he did from those films to Beyond and it failed.

            Thats why they are looking to go another way yet again. Let’s just wait and see. Maybe the ideas they have for the next film will surprise us. But my guess is if Tarantino wasn’t interested then these films would probably die and whither away. Now they have another leash on life with a harder rating.

          • madmadia85

            they can’t have the cake and eat it too though and expect to have movies as big and as successful as other franchises, without investing into them the way those studios do. With the genre, it’s impossible to not have a high budget and I might argue that, compared to other studios, Paramount had been quite cheap where it really counts. Their promotion also sucks. Regardless, they weren’t quite complaining about JJ’s trek because their movies are successful and you’d think they’d try to replicate that. With stid, they expected to make even more money (and maybe it was unrealistic expectations) but it’s Beyond that failed the most, which is the movie that went on a different direction and it backfired. These people just don’t get it and seem to have no idea about what to do with their thing or even take advantage of its existing success.

            I don’t think that doing in yet another direction and possibly alienate the audience that made the first movies successful, all the more, is such a genius idea. They should give people some damn hope. They are not giving me hope honestly.

          • TG1701

            But thats my entire point. Maybe they AREN’T going to big as the previous ones. Maybe Paramount has learned its lesson (yet again) and decided the next one is going to be a cheaper film altogether.

            Looked what happened with TMP and TWOK. TMP at the time was the most expensive film in history at $35 million. To contrast that Star Wars, which came out just two years earlier only cost $10 million. While the movie did OK it didn’t do close what they wanted and why TWOK only cost $12 million and they stayed relatively cheap throughout the franchise, but also made money. TWOK, believe it or niot, is still the most profitable Star Trek movie to this day. No, it didn’t make the most money, but it was the best value for the money they paid.

            And how do we know they didn’t complain about the films? Because they never talked about it in public? Well we just don’t know but yes there have been rumors in the past Paramount was NOT happy with STID and how much it made because the movie budget inflated. Accordingly STID only made $30 million profit at the box office. Blame Hollywood accounting, who knows, but if so yeah thats bad, especially for a film that brought in the most for the franchise, but it also shows the movies just don’t make any real money for what they cost. And Beyond lost money, so they may have decided the direction they were going just wasn’t working considering what they were spending on them.

            My ONLY guess is if Tarantino is making this and its an R rating then its automatically going to be a cheaper film like most R rated films are like Logan and Deadpool. And they are probably giving up on the notion it can attract wider audiences like Star Wars and Iron Man does and just tell a more mature story.

            And we really don’t know if its truly going to ‘alienate’ anyone because we haven’t seen what they came up with. Discovery is a more mature Trek story for sure but my guess most people who were fan of the films probably could watch that too. Other than showing a nipple and dropping the F bomb its still tame by TV standards today but its rated mature like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead is.

            Rated R may not mean a hard one but yeah we’ll just have to see if they even get that far.

          • madmadia85

            I’m doubtful the studio wants to go cheap. They want a blockbuster that makes millions like other franchises, and trek is one of the few they have that can fit the purpose. This will be another attempt in that direction.
            Even the r rating might just be a desperate following, once again, what they saw worked for others. It is all about money and trying to replicate the success of other franchises, instead of truly using the success of their own to its own advantage.

          • TG1701

            I didn’t say cheap, I said cheaper! I made that pretty clear in my post. My guess is the films will still be around $100+ million, which is still a ridiculous amount of money, but will be a bit more moderate in its approach.

            As I said maybe the reason Tarantino is involved because he doesn’t make $200 million movies, but his movies are not cheap either. And obviously when you do a sci fi film in space with amazing effects its going to be a certain amount regardless.

            I don’t know how many ways I can say this but the JJ films have not made the kind of money the other franchises have, not even close and will never be big blockbusters, at least not these movies. STID cost just $20 million less than Transformers 4 and it made a total of $470 million which is OK, but chump change when you compare it to the $1.1 billion that Transformers made.

            For the money they were throwing at these movies they expected better results and they never got it. Simon Pegg actually said that the studio wondered why these films can’t make money like the Avengers lol. Because Star Trek isn’t The Avengers. And thats the problem, the first two abominations they turned Star Trek into something it wasn’t: A slick action blockbuster. They tried hard to make it as sleek and cool with enough quick cut action scenes and explosions to make the average 15 year old giddy. But no matter what they do for most Star Trek will still be seen as this nerdy franchise, even if all the shows had action and sex in it.

            Its never going to get to the level they want, no matter how ‘sexy’ and ‘cool’ they try to make it and strip away what Trek is really about. And after Beyond’s huge blunder, to bomb on its 50th anniversary, I think most of them finally got the message.

          • Io Jupiter

            Star Trek TMP $42 million

          • TG1701

            You know I have seen the figure go from $35-45 million. Box Office Mojo, its at $35 million so I always stick to the more conservative side. But no matter what the figure is, they way over spent on that dud of a movie no matter the cost.

          • TUP

            Yup, surely Paramount isnt interested in a $200 million R rated Trek film. If QT’s idea is greenlit, it will have a smaller budget.

          • TUP

            I didnt see many families with little kids at Star Trek films I’ve been to.

            Deadpool showed you can make an R rated film and makes lots of money.

            QT makes different films from big budget tentpole. So what? It doesnt mean there is a finite amount of money or audience for a Star Trek film just because Quentin’s name is on it.

      • DataMat

        It seems that fans were already being alienated with Beyond…
        I didn’t see it at cinema myself..

      • TUP

        What does an R rating mean to QT?

        I argued this with some prude over on another site and he kept going on about QT films all being vile examples of blood and guts and violence. Pulp Fiction came up the most.

        So I broke down Pulp Fiction (having caught much of it last week when it was on TV). I love the film but even as I looked back on it, I was surprised by how NON-Violent it is.

        I think the talent of QT is that his words are so good they create images in the viewers mind. He hints at things. And people remember it wrong.

        I wont recap the whole thing but for example, the first scene involves two people having an extended conversation with the camera never wider than both in frame.

        That is the main thing in the film – people talking. When we finally get to some “action”, its really tame. The guns dont look like they’re firing at all. We only hear gun shots. The first guy shot, there is no blood, barely a reaction.

        The second guy, we see nothing until subsequent scenes showing blood on his shoulder. When two hitman shoot a guy, we dont even see the shooting. We see a glow on screen.

        When the boxer kills his opponent, we hear a sports caster call the action. We dont see it.

        When the guy gets his face shot, we dont see it. We hear a gun shot and see blood.

        The only person we really see shot is Vincent and its brief and no more violent than many action dramas on TV.

        There is loads of talking. There are jokes. There is dancing.

        Other than the detailed scene of drug use, Im not sure any action scene warranted an R rating (maybe the rape but it also wasnt explicit). It was mostly language.

        So this idea that QT is ultra violent is simply wrong. He also punched up crimson tide. He also wrote and directed CSI.

        Only an idiot would take the most violent example of his work and say “this is all his work”. Its simply not true.

        Everything QT does so well is exactly what Star Trek needs. Someone ripped on the idea of Pulp Fiction in space. My goodness, if you could give us two hours of mostly character dialogue, atmosphere, tension and story telling, I’d be thrilled.

    • Ferra

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  • keeganland

    I don’t want to see Spock loose an arm and have blood spraying all over the place, Kirk calling Uhura the N-word just because its R-rated, or Scotty lighting up a dooby in the engine room.

    • TUP

      Unfortunately for you, ALL those things will automatically happen. *fart*

  • Kirksdeadjim

    Hope whatever it is that its with Chris Pine and his crew.They deserve at least one more big screen Trek.

  • ¡zer0!

    I bet it will cost around $100m or less because QT makes cheap movies look great. If it’s a big hit then they *might* make more for less money.

    • RMS_Titanic

      Exactly! We’ve needed one of the recent Star Trek films to be made on 100 million dollars, maybe 125 to 140 million at most so that the franchise can turn a decent profit on the typical take of 250-300 million domestic box office take.

  • Tone

    Hmmm, if Tarantino is going through JarJar Abrams then this film will not be set in the prime canon universe. Thats a shame, and a huge missed opportunity. But it could be an interesting and highly watchable movie nonetheless.

    • TUP

      Maybe. You never know. Surely they’d want to use the cast they have established so its more likely to remain KT. But the Bad Robot dream of owning a new Star Trek franchise is over and Paramount surely wouldnt care either way since they license from CBS anyway. If QT’s idea involves the Prime Timeline, Mirror Universe or whatever, its worth exploring.

  • TUP

    People focusing on the R rating…. Good is Good. I dont care if its rated G or Triple X.

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    This is a bad joke.

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    Jar Jar Abrams QuiGonTino can take their NuTrek pos and shove it. Stop destroying the franchise with cheap action flicks wth zero plot line.

    • TUP

      You realise that makes no sense right? I understand the point about JJ but QT? Action flicks with zero plot? You should watch some QT films…

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        Yea. Wow, that was an startlingly ignorant comment

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      Wow, you obviously have not really watched any Tarrantino films. Way off base.

  • Armand Laroche

    I feel like this combo could have done Into Darkness true justice, but I will be interested in seeing what he comes up with as Havenbull stated now you have my attention.