Yesterday marked the 25th Anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine back in 1993, and there was a great outpouring of fond remembrances of the series all across the internet from fans, creators, and castmembers as the series marked its silver anniversary.

Executive producers Rick Berman and Ira Behr, along with actors Armin Shimerman and Jeffrey Combs and writer Bryan Fuller, weighed in on Twitter, as did What We Left Behind documentary producer Kai De Mello-Folsom:

The official Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 25th Anniversary logo debuted on, with licensee FanSets announcing that they’ll be producing a forthcoming pin based upon the design (as they did with last year’s TNG30 logo).

Soundtrack label La-La Land Records announced the release of their forthcoming Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Volume 2 collection as we reported yesterday; this long-awaited four-CD set follows up on their first DS9 release back in 2013 and goes on sale Tuesday, January 9.

The largest bit of #DS925 coverage, however, came through a special retrospective interview conducted by Variety with several members of the Deep Space Nine cast and production team in honor of the anniversary, including Ira Behr and Rick Berman, Nana Visitor (Kira), Armin Shimerman (Quark), Nicole de Boer (Ezri), Rene Auberjonois (Odo), Chase Masterson (Leeta), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Michael Dorn (Worf), Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko), Marc Alaimo (Dukat), Penny Jerald (Kasidy Yates), and Terry Farrell (Jadzia).

In addition to quotes on the series’ development and legacy, the Variety article also features a number of charming new photos with the DS9 team together once more for the anniversary.

Photo: Shayan Asgharnia for Variety

You can check out the whole interview piece and additional photos at Variety.

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  • DC Forever

    DS9 was the best Trek series since TOS, and it’s not even close.

    Happy 25th, DS9!

  • Telly Coolong

    Say what you will about how DS9 aligned with “Gene’s Vision” (TM), but it sure as hell was the first Trek to show the cast as real characters, warts and all. Happy 25th DS9 and thanks for the memories.

  • TG1701

    DS9 was actually the last Trek show I watched because I wasn’t sure if I like the idea of a show set on a space station. Man was I wrong. Its the second best Trek show to me after TNG. I would love if they ever got the balls to make a Trek show like that again.

    • Mo

      They did, but a few cranky, older male fans don’t seem to like it all that much. 😉

      • Space Gaz

        If you mean DSC then that isn’t a set on a space station. But it is dross.

  • grandadmiralbinks

    Please, for goodness’ sake, release this beauty on blu-ray, along with 2 discs full of bonus features. I’ll be willing to pay 400 euros for that.

    • Roger Birks

      Problem is, no one else is willing to pay 400 euros. Neither is myself!

    • scooternva

      €400 is a little dear, and I’m as supportive a Niner as they come. I think the sweet spot per season is probably somewhere around the $40-50 range, which would translate to around $280-350 (€232-290) or so for all seven seasons.

      Yes, I know TNG box sets originally sold for around $80-90, and yes, I know that DS9 is going to require a lot more work with all the CGI re-rendering that will be required, but I think people have gotten used to TV box sets being sold for less than $50 a season, and frankly, DS9 just isn’t as popular as TNG. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that this will probably never happen, but I live in hope.

      • Roger Birks

        Not nearly enough people would pay anything over $20 (£’s in my case) for a 90’s sci-fi show. I would probably pay about that much.
        Not more than that.
        The CGi in DS9 is all going to need re-doing! It would be ridiculously expensive and the studio behind such project would simply not make a profit from it. DS9 is a cult series – loyal fans yes, but not enough of you to make the studio turn a profit on such a project, at the moment at least.
        It is not an icon like the original or TNG.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      It will eventually be out on Blu-Ray, but that will be a secondary market. They will remaster it on HD primarily for the streaming market, as well as for cable/sat TV, because they will have to do that to preserve the market of DS9 and Voyager for the future.

      Look for this to happen in the early 2020’s.

      • Ian Fleming

        I’ve been saying that exact thing for a while. CBS should forget about recouping the costs of DS9-R (and VOY-R for that matter) through physical sales. They should be more concerned with future-proofing the show(s) for streaming/VOD. Yes, a Blu-ray boxset would be nice to have gathering dust on a shelf but that is not where the future is heading. Speculate to accumulate.

    • Space Gaz

      Hell yes, me too:)

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    The cast is aging badly

    • Roger Birks

      Care to share a picture of yourself from 20 years ago, and also now in 2018?

      I’ll be surprised if you have not aged in that time…

      • DC Forever

        Lol !!!

    • scooternva

      Don’t mind Lorca; he’s an impostor from the Mirror Universe. I think they look terrific. I especially love the picture of Terry Farrell and Michael Dorn, and Nana Visitor looks *fierce*.

    • Ian Fleming

      Your eyesight is notoriously poor, Captain. Maybe you should retire to your dimly lit ready room.

  • Mike P

    I have a special fondness for this show. Not just for the fact that I think it was a great series, but my real name is Michael Piller. 🙂

    Happy Birthday DS9.

  • Space Gaz

    Hands down the best!!!