The second half of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season marches on, and today CBS has released a set of new publicity images from the eleventh episode of the year, this Sunday’s “The Wolf Inside” — which continues the Mirror Universe adventure of the Discovery crew.

Along with these preview photos, the Netflix Star Trek: Discovery Facebook account has also released a preview clip from the episode (rehosted below via Twitter user Discovery1031):

In addition, the network has also put out a set of behind-the-scenes images from director Jonathan Frakes’ time on the set of last Sunday’s episode, “Despite Yourself.”

“The Wolf Inside” debuts on CBS All Access and Space this Sunday, and arrives on Netflix for global viewers on Monday.

Novel #1:
"Desperate Hours"

Novel #2:
"Drastic Measures"

Novel #3:
"Fear Itself"

  • Nowhereman10

    Love the chair. 🙂

  • Box Bruceleitner

    We need more Jonathan Frakes in Discovery, please!

    • KitchUK

      I’d just love to see him in front of the camera as an older, wiser captain of his own ship. That and seeing an older Picard would blow my mind. Maybe there’s the possibility with some time travel in Discovery?

    • Gloria

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  • prometheus59650

    Oh, Captain Killy.

    • mr joyce

      nom nom nom nom nom 🙂

  • Kf

    It probably is, bit it totally doesn’t look like Staments in that photo

  • AmiRami

    That pic of Frakes in the ready room…. I feel like if he rips that button down open there will be a big red “S” there lol.

  • Tone

    Killy, god she’s total hotness. And if I was gay, I’d be after Riker! But as I’m not, I’d love to have a pint or two with him, Frakes seems like a really nice guy.

  • ¡DavidOakes!🖖🤨

    Golly I wonder who will die or get tortured this week on STAR TREK