CBS released a lengthy video today on its Facebook page showing the long, arduous work that went into constructing the massive and intricate USS Discovery bridge set — and at the end of the 35+ minute time-lapse sequence, a first look at “Despite Yourself,” this weekend’s newest Star Trek: Discovery episode.

While the video is region-locked to the US through the official Discovery Facebook page — so unfortunately we can’t embed it here — below is a transcript of the clip (starts at the 36-minute mark) and selected images from the short minute-long preview, which begins right where “Into the Forest I Go” left off: with the Discovery floating in a field of debris.

Pan through the debris field into the Discovery’s main viewscreen window.

LORCA: “Yellow alert. This isn’t Starbase 46 — where the hell are we?”

COMPUTER: “Yellow. Alert. Yellow. Alert.”

OWOSEKUN: “A vessel is approaching at sublight speed.”

TYLER: “Seems like a Vulcan cruiser.”

LORCA: “On screen.”

BRYCE: “Should we hail them, sir?

LORCA: “Yes — open a channel.”

BRYCE: “Unidentified Vulcan cruiser, this is the USS Discovery, please respond.”

TYLER: “Captain, the Vulcans are powering up weapons!”

BURNHAM: “They must have registered an active Klingon ship somewhere nearby.”

LORCA: “Red alert! Shields up!”

The Vulcan ship opens fire.

What danger does the Discovery pose to these Vulcans — and is that even a Vulcan ship that Lorca and crew might be familiar with? We’ll find out when “Despite Yourself” premieres this Sunday night.

Novel #1:
"Desperate Hours"

Novel #2:
"Drastic Measures"

Novel #3:
"Fear Itself"

  • Tuskin38

    Looks like an up-sized version of Sarek’s shuttle.

    • Perplexum

      Or like a T-Rex head with a warp engine. It drives me nuts that you just can’t make things out in this show. At least when they are portraying space.

      • Aaron

        ^^^ This ^^^

        Exterior shots in space are way too dark. I sorta get why, there wouldn’t be a whole lot of light out in space unless you’re close to a sun, but it makes watching it incredibly frustrating at times :p

        • Lee O.

          I think the issue is, that everything is too cluttered. You have a nebula, a few bright stars, maybe a little sun with lenseflares. And then you have ships with all kinds of ornaments on them and weird cluttered shapes. By contrast, classic Trek had these clear geometric shapes: the Enterprise was a Disk and three cylinders, a Klingon ship had the distinct shape of a bird with a long neck, even later series, which have more cluttered designs, apply relatively simple shapes and very clear color schemes to each species. Cardassian ships were brownish, Dominion black with purple, Romulan green, Klingon green with red, Starfleet grey with blue, Vulcan red, etc.

          • Walter Kozlowski

            The thing I hate most about Transformers!

        • Walter Kozlowski

          Yeah it’s like watching a sporting event with no lights.

        • TUP

          Really my only complaint about the series is the way they shoot space scenes. Too dark and too fast. Its not bad per se, I just want to see some of the beauty of the ships.

          And slower motions would add a sense of weight and size and graze to the ships as well.

      • Walter Kozlowski


  • Bjoernar Dohm

    I hate these region-locks. What’s the use? One day after the US premiere, the episode will be available on Netflix anyway.

    • CBS, contractually, can only release promotional material in the US region. Netflix handles all promotion outside of USA/Canada and there’s not any overlap allowed.

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    Again, making the Vulcans the enemy? Did they fail to learn from Enterprise that the fans hated making the Vulcans bad guys?

    • ast00

      Mirror universe.
      It’s just a guess since I’m not in the US, but it is a logical guess and one that was hinted by the crew a few times.

    • Rass

      You DO realize this is a different universe they’re in, right?

    • Thomas Elkins

      I didn’t hate that. I actually liked that aspect of Enterprise. My dad always wondered why Earth was the capitol of the Federation and not Vulcan or Andoria. Enterprise sort of answered that question by revealing that the Vulcans and Andorians didn’t trust one another and were on the brink of war by the time humans started exploring space. Earth and Starfleet basically befriended both and served as an intermediary brokering peace between the two powers. Basically Earth was a neutral location and that’s why it’s the heart of the Federation.

      It was a nice touch, IMO.

      • The Science Fiction Oracle

        No, that was a complete and unnecessary cluster-frack, from a show that gave us one dumb-ass, canon-busting idea after another.

      • TG1701

        Agreed. One thing I loved about Enterprise was showing that Vulcans weren’t perfect and their relationship with the Andorians was a fun dynamic to watch. I hope we see more of that on Discovery but Discovery has to show more than just Klingons and Vulcans first.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      It’s obviously the mirror universe, as they told us back in September that this would be featured this season. Please pay attention.

    • iMike

      ENT didn’t make Vulcans the bad guys. All ENT did was simply add some complex layers to earlier Vulcan society that had been missing or only partially alluded to.

    • TG1701

      The Vulcans weren’t the ‘bad guys’ on the show, they were antagonists, there is a difference. And one we saw change as the show went on and you saw more respect coming from the two. They couldn’t form the Federation together if they considered each other the enemy.

  • Fiery Little One


  • Trent

    Maybe they are finally in the Prime Universe and the Vulcans fire because their ship is so alien to Federation design .

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    If this leads to finally going to the actual prime universe, not the “Alternate JJ nUTrek verse” that this show is in I am all for it. I doubt this show will make it to season 3 unless the actually head to the prime universe

    • iMike

      The show is based in the Prime universe. This has been stated over and over by the cast and the creators. Just because you believe otherwise doesn’t make it so.

      • DC Forever

        He’s baiting us with these posts.

        • iMike

          You are correct, I shouldn’t have taken the bait.