It’s been a long time, getting from November to here — but after weeks of waiting, Star Trek: Discovery is back this Sunday with “Despite Yourself,” the tenth episode of the season and the first entry in ‘Chapter Two’ of the Discovery story.

Directed by longtime Trek collaborator (and onetime Starfleet officer) Jonathan Frakes, the new episode picks up where “Into the Forest I Go” left off last year, with a sabotaged spore jump kicking the USS Discovery into parts unknown.

In advance of the new episode’s arrival, CBS released today a swath of new images from Sunday’s production:

Star Trek: Discovery returns to CBS All Access and Space this Sunday, followed by its return to Netflix on Monday, January 8. This year’s season finale airs the weekend of February 11.

Novel #1:
"Desperate Hours"

Novel #2:
"Drastic Measures"

Novel #3:
"Fear Itself"

  • fabiofbg

    This is Not Stamets. ..

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  • julius hibert

    “onetime Starfleet officer” …. this sounds he played an officer for one Episode… lol

  • Fiery Little One


  • TG1701

    My man Frakes will be directing this one so there is some real excitement to this episode for me. Discovery has been pretty Meh IMO but hopefully it will pick up with this episode through the finale.

  • Trent

    Well wherever they are …at least the the Dutch angles follow.

  • A_Warrior_of_Marley

    The big question is “Where the heck are they now? And why did Lorca send them here?”

  • Frank Lazar

    Johnathan Frakes is directing? Well, there go my hopes for the series. Man couldn’t direct a car out of a parking lot.

    • The Science Fiction Oracle

      The truth is somewhere in between the people like you who say he stinks as a director and the people who worship him on Star Trek sites.

      The truth is he is a competent director of TV series episodes, but not so much when it comes to movie directing.

      Frakes can’t do much damage directing one ep a season of DSC. You overstate the effect he will have, bad or good.

  • Captain Lorca, Section 31

    Frakes is a terrible Director. I expect this episode to be a stinker