First announced late Friday night, Gentle Giant Toys’ Star Trek: Discovery Fleet Flyer starship miniatures made their real-world debut at Toy Fair 2018 in New York City today, where we got a close look at these not-quite-finished prototype designs.

The first-wave Discovery Fleet Flyer line of miniature ships consists of the Walker-class USS Shenzhou and Crossfield-class USS Discovery of course, but also the Vulcan shuttle seen depicted at the beginning of “Lethe,” as well as two ships from the Battle of the Binary Stars: the Nimitz-class USS Europa and the Malachowski-class USS Clarke.

The miniatures as displayed at Toy Fair are still in the prototype stage, with final sculpt and paint implementation still to be revised — notably the overly-golden hull of the Discovery is already on Gentle Giants’ to-be-corrected list, so don’t worry about that slipping by.

These ships, each measuring between 3″-5″ in length, are produced from injection-molded plastic and are equipped with a clear plastic stand which mounts to flat surfaces with a suction cup, and then each ship can be positioned in as you wish using the stand’s multiple ball joints.

Like the forthcoming starship model kits from Round2, these miniatures are using the sleek new 2018 Star Trek packaging style which appears here in an artists’ rendering (and can be seen as pre-approval print form in some of the above photos).

Gentle Giant tells us that the Fleet Flyers, due for retail release this fall, will be priced at $7.99 per ship, and is expected to be available through Target, Amazon,, and other well-known retailers. Once these reach final approval and become available for order, we’ll certainly let you know.

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